Formby Beach is a fascinating and fun beach that lets you explore not only an inviting coast, but prehistoric remains revealed by erosion. Of course, the views out into the Irish Sea are reason enough to stop by.

Everyone can find fun at this beach, from adults who are looking to relax to kids who'd rather run around a bit on the sand. Most people spend about an hour or 2 here, but it may take a bit longer if you take the time to examine the artefacts in the revealed mud layers and explore the surrounding woods.

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Formby Beach highlights

The erosion happening at Formby Beach is one of the destination's most iconic highlights. Inside the earth's layers, you can see prehistoric fossils and remnants from a time before history. You may be able to see footprints left by humans and animals thousands of years ago, in some cases.

This beach offers stunning views that let you see clear across the Irish Sea. On especially clear days, you can see the peaks of Cumbria. Several picnic areas can be found along the beach as well, especially along the walking paths in the surrounding woods.

Good to know when visiting Formby Beach

Before you head to Formby Beach, there are a few factors to keep in mind. First, it's important to note that the beach doesn't have lifeguards on duty. Additionally, you'll want to see what beach safety flags are up to determine if it's safe to visit and venture out into the water.

During your visit, consider checking out some of the surrounding attractions as well. The town of Formby is just a short walk to the west offering shops and restaurants away from the hustle and bustle of Liverpool's town centre.

Formby Beach

Location: Formby, Liverpool L37 1YD, UK

Open: 24/7