Beatrixpark, named after Queen Beatrix, is one of the loveliest parks in Amsterdam. Created in 1936 by a renowned Dutch landscape architect Jakoba Mulder, who also helped develop Amsterdamse Bos, the original style of the park was to be a romantic English garden.

The name of the park was changed during the German occupation in WWII to Diepenbrockpark, after composer Alphons Diepenbrock, who was heavily influenced by German composer Richard Wagner and German romantic poetry. After the war, the park was renamed, modernized, and redesigned to be a more functional space for local residents to enjoy.

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Highlights of Beatrixpark

Beatrixpark today is a nice, quiet and clean park that offers a respite from city life. With landscaped walking paths, a playground and a wading pool, it is utilised by local residents and is not a popular destination for tourists. It is common to find people enjoying leisurely strolls, walking their dogs or riding their bikes through the park’s quiet tranquility.

The park has small pavilions that were leftover from the Floriade exhibition hosted in the City of Amsterdam in 1972, as well as open fields, areas of unique blooms and numerous green, leafy trees. There are also several statues and interesting art installations scattered throughout the park.

photo by Arthena (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified

Good things to know about visiting Beatrixpark

The city took a large amount of land from Beatrixpark to build an exhibition hall which was dubbed Parkhal for RAI Congress Center, but the older part of the park remains and still retains the original romantic feel for which the park was developed. As the park is so near to the RAI Congress Center, there is ready access via public transportation.

The park was given the status of a city monument in 2005. With a few spots to grab a quick bite, Beatrixpark may be just the place to spend a few hours communing with nature while still in the city.


Location: Diepenbrockstraat 21, 1077 VX Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone: +31 20 624 1111