Nieuwe Hoogstraat is a popular Amsterdam shopping street that has all the usual tourist-centred stores, along with many businesses frequented by locals. From designer clothing boutiques to furniture shops, this is one of the few streets in central Amsterdam still popular with locals and visitors.

One of the best things about this busy shopping street is that it's pedestrianised, with only bicycles allowed to pass through the central portion of the street. This lends the Nieuwe Hoogstraat a tranquil atmosphere suited to relaxed browsing of the many shops and stalls.

De Nieuwe Hoogstraat in Amsterdam - one of the highlights of 10 Most Popular Streets in Amsterdam (Read all about Amsterdam here)

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What are the highlights of Nieuwe Hoogstraat in Amsterdam?

Without a doubt, the main activity for anyone visiting Nieuwe Hoogstraat is shopping. This is especially true for those with a taste for vintage fashion as this street contains a good chunk of all the retro and second-hand clothes shops in central Amsterdam.

From shopping for a new pair of vegan shoes at VEGA-LIFE to flicking through the racks at vintage denim specialists Mood Indigo, there are plenty of options to keep fashionistas occupied during a visit to Nieuwe Hoogstraat. Time Machine is a treasure trove of vintage clothing to check out. Check out Street Life Amsterdam for urban-inspired ladies apparel, or Diabolo for the wackiest, wildest and most risqué outfits on the street.

Besides clothes shopping, this famous street is also renowned as a destination for speciality buys. This includes everything from crafts to antiques to rare books. One of the most visited spots on Nieuwe Hoogstraat is Titus Books & Images, stocking a huge variety of contemporary and old books in addition to photography, prints and magazines from across the worlds of fashion, art and more.

Towards the eastern end of the street sit some of Amsterdam’s best craft stores, with Stephen & Penelope specialising in all things wool and A. Boeken Stoffen & Fournituren Winkel known as one of the best fabric stores in all of Amsterdam.

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Where to eat and drink on Nieuwe Hoogstraat?

As with most streets in Old Amsterdam, Nieuwe Hoogstraat is no stranger to fast food joints, run-of-the-mill bakeries and chain eateries. With that said, the street has some nice spots for those who are a little discerning over where they grab a bite or, for that matter, a cup of coffee.

The undisputed champion of the Nieuwe Hoogstraat dining scene is STACH, a super cool cafe serving up excellent coffee as well as sandwiches, pastries and more. Far from the average chain cafe, this place goes artisanal in almost every way, even offering their own homemade chocolate bars with unique flavours.

While not technically on Nieuwe Hoogstraat, Betty Blue is a great American-style cafe-diner that serves pancakes and burgers in trendy surroundings. It sits on the corner of Snoekjessteeg, easy to spot from the eastern end of Nieuwe Hoogstraat.

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Good to know about Nieuwe Hoogstraat in Amsterdam

Nieuwe Hoogstraat is at the very heart of Amsterdam in one of the city’s most visited areas. From Dam Square, head east along Damstraat until you reach Bushuissluis, also known as Bridge 224. The street begins once you cross the bridge and continues all the way down to Sint Antoniesbreestraat, which you can follow north back up to Nieuwmarkt or head south for Waterlooplein and its vibrant flea market.

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De Nieuwe Hoogstraat in Amsterdam

James Connolly | Guest Writer