Cavern Walks is a high-end shopping centre on Matthew Street with photo-worthy boutiques that is also home to the trendy Cavern Club. Steeped in history, Cavern Walks has been a happening hangout spot for shoppers and music enthusiasts, and features a life-size statue of the Beatles.

Although Cavern Walks is not as prominent of a shopping centre as it was during its glory days when it had a reputation of serving the fashion needs of famous footballers’ wives and girlfriends, the spirit lives on through its attraction of high-end customers and its cultural significance.

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photo by John Bradley (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified

Cavern Walks highlights

The best part of Cavern Walks for first-time visitors is the statue of the Beatles in the rotunda next to the staircase. The statue is so lifelike you can almost hear their iconic music reverberating from the bronze. You will also find a sparkling selection of bespoke jewellery stores.

Cavern Walks is home to the famous Cavern Club, which birthed the Beatles and has been a staple of British rock and pop music for 60 years. Stepping into the Cavern Club is quite literally a step into nostalgia, where you are surrounded by the same dimly lit red bricks and archways.

photo by John Bradley (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified

Good to know when visiting Cavern Walks

Public transport is one of the best ways of visiting Cavern Walks, whether on one of the buses or trains. There are train stations at James Street and Liverpool Centre that diagonally flank Cavern Walks. You will also find 3 nearby parking garages.

Although Cavern Walks is primarily a shopping boutique, it’s worth a visit to stop by the Beatles statute or to just stroll around looking at the artistic nature of the venue while sipping a hot drink from one of the cafes. Cavern Walks is surrounded by a larger shopping and fashion complex, so there’s plenty to do and see here.

photo by John Bradley (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified

Cavern Walks

Location: Cavern Walks Shopping Centre, Harrington St, Liverpool L2 6RE, UK

Phone: +44 (0)15 1236 9082