Ses Salines Natural Park is a historic and beautiful ecological sanctuary covering thousands of hectares of land, wetlands and sea. The nature park is located on the southern end of Ibiza and considered to be one of the most important sanctuaries across all of the Balearic Islands for its conservation of land, plant life and animal life.

Not only is the nature park a significant conservation asset to the Spanish isles in the Mediterranean, but it is also a major contributor to tourism and the salt industry. Ses Salines has multiple beaches where visitors can relax and play.

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What are the highlights of Ses Salines Natural Park in Ibiza?

The best features of Ses Salines Natural Park are the natural beauty and the history. The park is teeming with plant and animal life. The ecologically critical marine plant Posidonia lives in most of the sea-covered areas of the park, which for visitors means viewing the gorgeous, lush shades of green sea life dancing about the Mediterranean floor.

The Ses Salines region in southern Ibiza has been a rich source of salt for thousands of years. It is reported that the Phoenicians first extracted the salt here in 600 BC. While no Phoenician structures remain, the Sal Rossa watchtower is a beautiful 16th-century defence spire.

What else is good to know about Ses Salines Natural Park in Ibiza?

Visitors are welcome to enjoy the beauty of Ses Salines Natural Park, but conservation is strictly enforced. The nature reserve is home to over 170 species of plants and over 200 species of migratory birds, and the importance of preserving such biodiversity cannot be overstated.

There are 8 especially notable points of interest that visitors should try to see. One major attraction is the birdwatching site that is now home to hundreds of wintering flamingos. You'll find more than 1 beach with convenient facilities and rentals. Another unique historical spot is the large Ses Portes defence tower that also dates back 500 years.

Ses Salines Natural Park in Ibiza

Location: 07818, Balearic Islands, Spain