Mirador de Es Vedrá is a popular spot to view gorgeous Mediterranean sunsets and the tiny, rocky island steeped in mystery and geologic wonder. The island of Es Vedrá, located just over a mile from the Ibiza coast, is a small, uninhabited island with towering limestone cliffs that has mesmerised locals and travellers for hundreds of years.

The lookout to Es Vedrá is located on the very western edge of Ibiza, which is why the sunsets are such a focal point. The views of the sunset and the island are breathtaking, whether or not captured in the same photo.

Mirador de Es Vedrá in Ibiza - one of the highlights of 11 Best Things to Do in Ibiza and 10 Things to Do in Ibiza on a Small Budget (Read all about Ibiza Island here)

What are the highlights of Mirador de Es Vedrá in Ibiza?

The sunsets from Mirador de Es Vedrá are a tantalising highlight because you can witness a majestic display of the golden, red and purple hues of the sun’s aura as it drops below the Mediterranean horizon. Because the sunsets are such a popular view to capture, the spots are sometimes crowded at dusk.

Another great highlight of Mirador de Es Vedrá is the beauty of the surrounding terrain as you hike to reach the lookout. The coast is largely undeveloped, and there are many paths that wind around the slightly varying elevation with Mediterranean coniferous trees and rocky outcroppings.

What else is good to know about Mirador de Es Vedrá in Ibiza?

You'll find a designated location for Mirador de Es Vedrá on maps and major search services. However, there are actually 3 ideal spots where you can capture picturesque views of the Mediterranean sunset and Es Vedrá, each from slightly different perspectives and elevations. They are marked with signage.

The 3 locations are all relatively close to each other on the far western coast of Ibiza. There is, of course, the primary spot, called Lookout Es Vedrá. Another is on the shore at Cala d’Hort Beach, and the last is from the ancient Spanish fortress of Es Savinar.

Mirador de Es Vedrá in Ibiza

Location: Spain