The Winter Gardens, in the heart of Blackpool's city centre, is one of the biggest live entertainment venues in Europe, offering a variety of theatre, music and comedy. The building itself is a historic Victorian structure and, in addition to its multiple stages, offers several other venues, including a restaurant, a cafe and several bars.

The various venues here offer live musical performances, guest speakers, conferences, Broadway-level musicals and traditional theatre. It's all in a historic complex with roots that stretch back to the Victorian age, and the feel of history is all around.

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History and background of the Winter Gardens

The Winter Gardens formally opened in July 1878 and today boasts indoor and outdoor skating rinks, an exotic glass roof on the floral hall in its promenade and an event hall called the Pavilion. The Opera House opened in 1888 and was rebuilt in a grander style in 1910. This was the original home of the iconic Blackpool Gigantic Wheel currently found on the harbour. 

The site has served many purposes, functioning as a World War II training facility and hosting the Conservative Party Conference and Sir Winston Churchill. Even the Rolling Stones have played here. Today, it's publicly owned and a premier venue that hosts world-class entertainment. 

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Good things to know about the Winter Gardens

The Winter Gardens in Blackpool is dedicated to a wonderful experience for everyone, regardless of their background, and as such seeks to present a fully accessible facility. People with disabilities are encouraged to contact the venue for any special needs they might have or accommodation they might require. 

The Gardens offer several venues of varying sizes and can accommodate events for as few as 50 people to as many as 7,000. You'll find 3 different restaurants onsite as well as a traditional bar offering live music all year long.

The Winter Gardens in Blackpool

Location: 97 Church St, Blackpool FY1 1HL, UK

Open: (hours vary by event)

Phone: +44 (0)1253 625252