The White Hotel is a nightclub that's best known for its numerous underground dancers and the wide variety of DJs and artists who frequently perform in a refurbished warehouse space. Experimentation is part of how this club operates, so expect a wide variety of music and odd decorations around the place.

If you're looking to explore the Manchester nightlife, this club is an essential stop. It's so different from the standard club experience that music fans and night owls who miss out would find their trip lacking. Most people spend about 3 to 4 hours here, staying well into the night.

The White Hotel in Manchester - one of the highlights of 10 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Manchester (Read all about Manchester here)

The White Hotel highlights

The music at The White Hotel is an attraction in itself as they always manage to book artists who can create an unforgettable nightclub experience. You'll find techno DJs on the weekend, while ambient and noise artists with a more avant-garde sound perform on weekday evenings.

When you visit this club, you'll notice the unique decor almost instantly. The street calls out to adventurers with its seemingly decaying structures. Upon arrival, you'll notice what seems to be a warehouse from the outside only to find a high-tech interior complemented by a smoke machine and odd decor like mannequin heads perched above the dance floor.

Good to know when visiting The White Hotel

Given the experimental nature of The White Hotel, the only constants you can count on are the venue's location and being able to find something interesting going on. That being the case, however, it's helpful to check the calendar before you set out, as different events can alter the typical opening times.

Getting to this venue is fairly easy. The fastest way apart from driving straight here is to take the train to Manchester Victoria Station. From there, you'll just have to walk about 14 minutes to the venue less than a mile away.

The White Hotel in Manchester

Location: Dickinson St, Salford M3 7LW, UK

Open: Hours vary by season