Manchester Arndale is a massive shopping centre where you'll find eateries and stores catering to those looking for more luxurious goods as well as those seeking something more budget-friendly. The entire retail floor space, not including the department stores it's connected to, measures just under 1.3 million square feet. Inside, you'll find 210 stores and services among 3 floors.

The whole family can find fun at this shopping centre with options for adults and kids alike. You'll find a food court as well as some proper eateries, so no one has to go hungry during the trip. Most people spend about 2 or 3 hours here, but if you plan on visiting every store in the shopping centre, your visit is going to take much longer. A visit to the salon, for example, may require an hour alone.

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Manchester Arndale highlights

The best aspect of Manchester Arndale is the number of options available for your shopping experience. You can visit standard clothing shops, shops more fit for luxury shoppers and shops better suited for those on a budget. You'll also find shops offering items like electronics alongside speciality shops like the Disney Store and Build-A-Bear Workshop, which are especially popular with kids.

In addition to the shops, you'll find quite a few restaurants in the mall. The food court offers standard fare like Chopstix and Subway, but you'll also find numerous coffee shops and cafes, several juice bars and a sushi place. Several dessert shops are available throughout the mall as well, like Krispy Kreme and Millie's Cookies. Proper sit-down restaurants can be found here as well covering a variety of cuisines like Italian and classic diner food.

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Manchester Arndale history

Manchester Arndale dates back to 1971 when construction began. It wasn't officially completed until 1979, but the first phase of its opening occurred 4 years prior in 1975. Initially, the design of this mall left much to be desired by the locals. Frequent derision was flung towards its design, including the yellowish tile on the exterior and the notable lack of a circular route around the interior.

After several refurbishments, the mall started to gain favour and became notably successful by the early 1990s. Its popularity was maintaining itself, though the mall suffered heavy damage from the 1996 Manchester bombing. In the aftermath, extensive refurbishment was completed including adding a glass footbridge connecting the mall to Marks & Spencer across the street. This refurbishment also solidified Manchester Arndale as one of the largest shopping malls in any European city in terms of retail floor space.

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Good to know when visiting Manchester Arndale

One of the best aspects of Manchester Arndale is just how easy it is to reach when using public transport. The bus, train and Metrolink lead directly to the mall, but you can always drive yourself. The NCP High Street car park has plenty of spaces, including spaces for disabled visitors and those who need to charge their electric vehicle.

Accessibility is a major feature of this mall. You can hire a wheelchair, power chair or a power scooter for your trip. It's also easy to take your kids, and even infants can come along for the trip thanks to the available changing benches. WiFi is also complimentary during your visit, and you can download an entire map of the centre, though print versions are available as well.

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Manchester Arndale

Location: Manchester Arndale, Manchester, M4 3AQ, UK

Open: Monday–Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm, Sunday from 11.30 am to 5.30 pm

Phone: +44 (0)1618 339851