When you stroll down Fishers Lane in Blackpool, it’s like you are stepping back into 18th-century England with authentic cottages that resonate with historic charm. From the thatched roofs to the chimney stacks, each classic Blackpool cottage here is a Grade II historic preservation.

While each home is a private residence, you are free to meander up and down the street to appreciate the architecture, the quaint gardens and the semi-preserved stone fences. There are 2 single-storey cottages with cobbled walls that are as photogenic as if you had pulled them directly out of a museum.

Fishers Lane - one of the highlights of 10 Things to Do in Blackpool Off the Beaten Track (Read all about Blackpool here)

Fishers Lane highlights

When you head to Fishers Lane, you will want to come with a camera in hand. Other parts of Fishers Lane give you a good glimpse of historic and modern English living, but it’s the 18th-century cottages that uniquely stand out, as they have for over 200 years.

The charm of these cottages includes the subtle imperfections that you will notice in the slants of the walls, the sizes and shapes of the windows, and the overall structures. This is part of what makes the experience so worthwhile. The beauty of their handcrafted nature compared to modern buildings cannot be overstated.

Good to know when visiting Fishers Lane

Visiting Fishers Lane is a breeze because there is convenient public transport with a bus stop at the entrance to this stretch of history. The cottages are also close to the entrance of Fishers Lane, so it’s not a long walk down to them. If you want to do a quick drive-by, Fishers Lane is not far from the airport and is only a few hundred meters from the promenade.

These small, rural cottages are residentially inhabited, and even though it’s a relatively calm and low-traffic street, you will want to be mindful of your surroundings and sensitive to the homeowners.

Fishers Lane

Location: 2 Fisher's Ln, Blackpool FY4 5DN, UK

Open: 24/7