The Central Pier Big Wheel is the heart and soul of Blackpool's Central Pier coastline and is at the centre of a variety of amusement and entertainment attractions. It's a great place for a romantic outing that allows you to see for miles all around, out to the sea and across the city.

The Big Wheel itself is also a popular target for photos, as it's illuminated with bright, multicoloured lights every night. It towers over the surrounding theme park entertainments as an iconic part of the Blackpool skyline and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Central Pier Big Wheel - one of the highlights of 10 Most Instagrammable Places in Blackpool (Read all about Blackpool here)

Highlights of the Central Pier Big Wheel

The Central Pier Big Wheel is one Blackpool's most iconic sites. Central Pier is a destination unto itself, offering a range of eateries, games, live entertainment and theme park rides and attractions. The towering Big Wheel makes the park easy to find, as it rises almost 33 metres in the air and can be seen for miles.

The Big Wheel, also called the Giant Wheel or Gigantic Wheel, has stood in some form since 1896 and has survived near-shutdowns as it competed with more modern rides. Though not the original wheel, the modern instalment gives a bird's- eye view of the entire park, ocean waters and surrounding city.

What to know about the Central Pier Big Wheel

The Central Pier Big Wheel is at the heart of Blackpool's Central Pier theme park area, just about 10 minutes from the city centre right on the shoreline. It's fully disability accessible, and you can contact the park for any accommodation you might need. Service animals are permitted within the park. 

The area is also highly family friendly, so there are no concerns about bringing the kids along for a great time. Just a few steps from the wheel itself, you can find a range of food, other rides, games and entertainment.

Central Pier Big Wheel

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