Vieux Port in Saint Tropez is the historic harbourfront area of the city, offering rows of pleasure boats and yachts as well as pedestrian-friendly quays with shopping and dining. This port in the heart of town includes 734 moorings, 2 pools and 9 hectares of attractions that offer a romantic getaway for 2 or a wealth of fun and enjoyment for an entire family. Here you can visit a historic citadel, view galleries of modern art, discover local history and, of course, enjoy fantastic seafood right off the boats. You can stroll through rows and rows of old fisherman cottages that lead to the sea or stop for tea and cakes at a boutique hotel.

You can also try to do some celebrity spotting down along the waterfront and just enjoy fantastic upscale vibes. Enjoy everything from relaxed strolls along a scenic shoreline to military history and fine dining at the Saint Tropez Vieux Port.

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What are the highlights of Vieux Port in Saint Tropez?

The highlights of Vieux Port in Saint Tropez offer everything from modern art exhibits to historic fortifications, upscale fine dining, celebrity elbow-rubbing and maritime history. Start your visit with the first modern art museum in France, Le Musée de l'Annonciade, located in a 15th-century chapel and offering artwork from 1890 to 1950. You can visit Le Girelier, the place for a fine-dining experience complete with white tablecloths and chefs-in-residence for over 9 years serving up fresh seafood paired with fine wines.

At the Old Fishing Quarter, you'll get the chance to visit cottages dating back hundreds of years, visit a beach to go swimming and sunbathing, or head for the boutique Hotel de la Ponche. A visit to the Citadel of St. Tropez lets you see a 17th-century fortification and learn about the region's maritime and military history. Finally, try celebrity sighting at the Quai Jean Jaurés.

A brief history of Vieux Port in Saint Tropez?

The history of Vieux Port in Saint Tropez dates to the end of the 15th century when Genoese seamen established a fishing port around which grew a thriving settlement. In that era, the quays and pontoons served a community focused on fishing, mercantile shipping, long-distance navigation and even a shipbuilding yard. The port became a focal point for the local economy and quickly filled with merchant and military ships, forcing the fishermen to moor in nearby coves. Fortified towers were built to protect the area from pirates and rival nations.

By the 18th century, the port focused on wine, wood, and cork. By the First World War, Vieux Port was among the most important in France. After both World Wars, commercial activities gave way to pleasure pools, and the port officially took the name Vieux Port. Today, many historic sites and buildings are still here as a testament to the port's rich history.

What else is good to know about Vieux Port in Saint Tropez?

Vieux Port in Saint Tropez has earned a reputation for luxury in St. Tropez, so expect to spend some cash while you're here, but also expect good service. Still, you'll find plenty to do here, including several traditional outdoor markets where you can buy fresh seafood and local handmade arts and crafts. It's a very walkable space, but being 9 hectares in size, be sure to wear comfortable shoes because you'll be doing a lot of pavement-pounding to get from place to place. Most of the newer businesses here are fully disability accessible, but call ahead to ensure your needs can be met.

Upscale businesses in the region are also not always pet-friendly, so unless your dog is a service animal, it may be best to leave them behind. Many of the venues here are family-friendly and great for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Vieux Port in Saint Tropez

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