Plage de la Glaye in Saint Tropez is a very small beach in the heart of downtown Saint Tropez offering a slim section of coastline near the Old Town area. This beautiful beach is something of a hidden gem in the middle of the city. Because it is so tiny, few crowds are drawn here, with most preferring the bigger and wider beaches.

This means you can enjoy the sun, sand and surf without crowds. This beach is calm and serene and a great spot to relax for the morning before heading out to explore the other local sites.

Plage de la Glaye in Saint Tropez - one of the highlights of 10 Best Beaches in St Tropez (Read all about Saint-Tropez here)

What are the highlights of Plage de la Glaye in Saint Tropez?

The highlights of Plage de la Glaye in Saint Tropez begin with its status as a hidden gem of the city; it doesn't tend to draw a large crowds. From there, however, it also provides easy access to many of the historic sites in Saint Tropez. It's situated between two old fortresses, both of which have a deep history.

You can also head for Rue de la Citadelle that will take you to the centre of Old Town or see the Vieux Port Harbour. This region has quaint cobblestone lanes and tons to see after your morning of relaxing.

What else is good to know about Plage de la Glaye in Saint Tropez?

Although you won't find any beach clubs or souvenir shops at Plage de la Glaye in Saint Tropez, you do have easy access to the wondrous La Ponche Old Town district. Here you can find dozens of small independent shops, restaurants, upscale boutiques and cafes to get in your shopping and drinking following a day in the sand and sun.

This is a beach that's quiet and serene, devoid of crowds and also devoid of distractions. You can still, however, head just a few minutes' walk off the beach to be in the centre of all the city's historic attractions.

Plage de la Glaye in Saint Tropez

Location: 3 Rue Saint-Pierre, 83990 Saint-Tropez, France