Haute-Corse or Upper Corsica is a popular part of the island of Corsica where travellers can enjoy picturesque cities and natural landscapes. One of the most popular cities to visit is Bastia, which is a commune with several historic sites like the Romieu Public Garden and the Governor’s Citadel and Palace. Of course, you’ll also find an impressive culinary scene here with signature dishes like Baccala, a stunning cod dish. There are also options like Sant’Antonino, which is a bit more laid back and offers a more traditional village experience.

    Travellers more interested in the natural world won’t have to look far in Haute-Corse to find something appealing. The Restonica Gorge is absolutely picturesque. It showcases a tranquil waterway flowing through a gorge split by 2 towering mountains on each side complemented by vibrant green trees. The Desert des Agriates is also particularly interesting, as it shows off 2 micro-regions consisting of Balagne and Nebbio.

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    • 10 Best Things to Do This Summer in Haute-Corse

      Haute-Corse is an excellent summer vacation spot that’s packed with things to do. Mixing a touch of France with a sprinkling of Italian flavour, Haute-Corse covers the northern part of Corsica and, apart from the region’s central hub of Bastia, is more rural and less visited than the southern part of the island. You can enjoy long stretches...

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