The Alamo Mission was founded in the 18th century by the Catholic missionaries of Rome and has gone on to be a historic monument because of its gigantic edifice and rich history. The complex has also been able to accommodate over four million visitors yearly.

It has also contributed to San Antonio’s religious background and liberty for over a century. It has served as not only San Antonio’s first hospital complex but also as a military camp during the battle of the Alamo and a chapel dome as well.

South Alamo Street - one of the highlights of 10 Most Popular Streets in San Antonio (Read all about San Antonio here)

South Alamo Street highlights

The South Alamo Street building possesses many commemorations and images on the wall that further show visitors its ownership changes and remembrance of its contribution to art, architecture, and history.

There are cactus shrubs, old wells, and oak trees in the large courtyard, which are known to be almost as old as the structure itself. There is also a stone memorial for the 32 Gonzalez men who died in the battle of Alamo. It has a large grassy area which is regularly maintained and it is an attraction in its own right.

Good to know when visiting South Alamo Street

The complex is free to visit as visitors can walk around the building’s grounds. It has been open to the public for decades and still functions today. The green area is restricted for movement, and littering is not allowed.

At the South Alamo Street Building, there is a designated fee for renting both audio and physical tour guides. These tours will provide all of the major highlights at the facility. There is designated accessible parking outside of the building. The facility is accessible for kids and those with disabilities.

South Alamo Street

Location: 300 Alamo Plaza. San Antonio, TX, USA

Open: Monday—Sunday from 9 am to 5:30 pm

Phone: +1 210-225-1391