Ruby City is a contemporary art centre located in San Antonio, which was designed as a platform for both local and international artists to showcase their work. It is a collection put together by artists' imaginations, and it is still growing.

It sprawls over 14,000 sq. ft with an exterior design of crimson-hued panels with pre-cast concrete and glass. This is where dreams and ideas have been built into sculptures or physical objects, which is a true reflection and the purpose of modern art.

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Ruby City San Antonio highlights

Ruby City has a studio that serves as a workshop for artists and tourists to have the opportunity to experience art first-hand. The museum also consists of virtual events and exhibitions where you can connect easily with modern contemporary art.

The place also features a large gallery where you will find some inspiring modern art by artists who are growing in fame, like founder Linda Pace or Marina Abramovic. The place has become one of the most formidable modern art centers in San Antonio with a mission that states contemporary art is essential to a well-rounded society.

Good to know when visiting Ruby City San Antonio

Ruby City serves as an office for art workers, and most rooms of the building are restricted for entry. Pets such as dogs are allowed into the premises but must be kept on a leash. Access to Ruby City is free, in keeping with the mission of the organisation.

Food and drink is not allowed on site, but there are many nearby restaurants to eat in after your visit. Ruby City is accessible for car or bus. Groups are welcome for tours. While visiting you can take pictures, but no flash photography is allowed.

Ruby City

Location: 150 Camp Street, San Antonio, TX 78204, USA

Phone: +1 210-227-8400