The Robber Baron Cave Preserve offers guests a rare opportunity to explore the underground world of Texas nature and its unique species. The origin of the cave is thought to be related to the Edwards Aquifer, and it contains a large network of passages.

A popular tourist attraction in the 1920s that even housed a speakeasy, the cave eventually fell victim to graffiti and vandalism. It was later cleaned up and restored by the Texas Cave Management Association, which seeks to preserve the cave's history and biology and to educate people on underground environments.

Robber Baron Cave Preserve - one of the highlights of 9 Things to Do Off the Beaten Track in San Antonio (Read all about San Antonio here)

Robber Baron Cave Preserve highlights

This geological and biological adventure features a sinkhole entrance and is filled with maze-like passages and unique animal species you'll only find underground. In fact, it is home to 2 endangered species: the Cicurina baronia, a rare spider, and Texella cokendolpher, another rare arachnid, also known as the Robber Baron cave harvestman.

With 5,340 feet of mapped passageways, Robber Baron Cave is the longest known cave amongst Bexar County's more than 500 caves. If you get to go inside, you'll see the old metal door from the speakeasy, as well as graffiti from by bygone eras.

Good to know when visiting Robber Baron Cave Preserve

It's important to know that Robber Baron Cave Preserve doesn't offer daily admission. An open house is generally held every 18 months that allows guests to tour. During these open houses, visitors can schedule a guided tour or simply take a self-guided tour upon their arrival.

For more fun while you're near the Robber Baron Cave, stop by the shopping centres located nearby along Nacogdoches Road and grab a bite to eat from one of the many area restaurants. You could also head a little farther south to visit the San Antonio Zoo and San Antonio Botanical Garden.

Robber Baron Cave Preserve

Location: 155 Camellia Way, San Antonio, TX 78209, USA