Our Detroit Travel Essentials make getting the most out of your holiday to Detroit easy. When you know the essentials like landmarks, events, and how to get around properly, creating the ultimate itinerary is simple, offering an unforgettable holiday experience.

Detroit has something for everyone, and you'll likely find something familiar here no matter where you're from. Still, the city has plenty of surprises in store, and with the essentials in mind, you'll be ready to make the most of them all by booking the right hotel, travelling in style, and planning your trip for the best time of year. Check out the travel essentials you need to know for your Detroit holiday.

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    When is the best time to travel to Detroit?

    When is the best time to travel to Detroit?

    When is the best time to travel to Detroit?
    • Detroit is known for its comfortable summers and cold winters, so you'll probably want to visit from late spring to early fall to avoid the winter snow.
    • Rain is fairly steady throughout the year and slightly less than the average for the country as a whole. June is the wettest month with 3.5 inches on average, while fall is the wettest season overall.
    • The warmest months are July, August, and September, with highs in July reaching an average of 83.5 degrees.
    • The best time to visit Detroit is either May or September when the weather is still comfortable and the hotel prices aren't as high as during the popular summer months.
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    Detroit basics

    Detroit basics

    Detroit basics
    • Plug type: Detroit plugs are the same as everywhere else in the States sporting a standard 2- or 3-prong outlet.
    • Electricity: The electricity supply is 120V and 60 Hz AC.
    • Currency: Like the rest of the country, Detroit uses the standard US dollar and coinage.
    • International dialling code: The international dialling code for Detroit and the US is +1.
    • Emergency telephone number: For emergency services, call 911 for help of any kind whether it's police, medical services, or fire services.
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    How to get to my hotel in Detroit?

    How to get to my hotel in Detroit?

    How to get to my hotel in Detroit?

    Travelling to Detroit is simple considering how much traffic the city gets from all over the world. You can fly in, take the train, or take a boat.

    Detroit Metropolitan Airport is the primary airport for the city offering national and international flights to more than 140 destinations. It's located just over 20 minutes from city centre.

    If you take the Amtrak train in, you'll find yourself arriving at Detroit Station, which is just 3 miles north of city centre.

    There are 2 ferries that go into Detroit if you plan on arriving by boat. One sets out from Windsor, Canada, and crosses the river, while the other takes you to the city from Harsens Island to the northeast.

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    How to get around Detroit?

    How to get around Detroit?

    How to get around Detroit?

    Travel tips

    Detroit has a well-developed and -maintained public transport system, so you'll really only need to rent a car if you plan on visiting some of the local suburbs. If you're staying in town, you'll find trams, trains, taxis, buses, and more. Just try to have exact change for the fare to make things easier. If you feel like walking, the pavements are safe and easy to navigate.


    There is no underground subway system in Detroit, but there are light rail lines throughout. The Detroit People Mover is an elevated rail line that extends around city centre for nearly 3 miles. If you're already city centre, this is one of the best and cheapest ways to get around, as a ride is less than a dollar. The QLine is a tram rail line that stretches from city centre to Detroit Station uptown with 20 stops at 12 stations.

    Taxi and ride-hailing apps

    Several taxi companies operate in Detroit with taxis easily found all over town. Keep in mind that tipping taxi drivers in Detroit is expected, though not required. You'll also have access to ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft.


    The bus network in Detroit is managed by the Detroit Department of Transport working with SMART, or the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transport. If you plan to stay in the city, make sure you opt for the DDOT buses, which are either white with green and yellow stripes or have mint green and white colouring.

    Car hire

    Car hire are easy to find in Detroit, though you don't really need one unless you plan to take some day trips outside of the city. Parking is fairly abundant throughout town, and you're free to rent and drive as long as you have an American licence.

    Bike rental

    Detroit is remarkably friendly to cyclists, and the city even has its own bike-sharing system called MoGo.


    There are only 2 ferries that service the city of Detroit. One connects the city with Windsor, the Canadian city right across the river. The second can take you to Harsens Island a couple of miles to the northeast from the city up the river.

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    What are the main annual events in Detroit?

    What are the main annual events in Detroit?

    What are the main annual events in Detroit?

    North American International Auto Show

    • When: January
    • What: Car manufacturers show off new designs for yet-to-be-released vehicles as a way to build anticipation and define the future of the automotive industry. It's one of the largest auto shows in the country.
    • Where: Huntington Place city centre

    Movement Detroit

    • When: Memorial Day weekend
    • What: The Movement Electronic Music Festival hosts musicians and DJs from around the world and showcases live performances emphasising techno music.
    • Where: Hart Plaza city centre

    Michigan State Fair

    • When: September
    • What: The state fair offers a wide variety of attractions and games for the whole family like theme park rides, shows, and concerts, along with competitions, fresh food, and shopping opportunities.
    • Where: Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi northwest of city centre

    photo by F. D. Richards (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified

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    What are the main landmarks in Detroit?

    What are the main landmarks in Detroit?

    What are the main landmarks in Detroit?

    Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

    The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is where the original Model T was born. This national historic landmark lets you dive into the history of the start of the automotive industry. When you visit, you'll find quite a few fascinating artefacts on display in the museum as well as the production plant. 

    Historic Fort Wayne

    Historic Fort Wayne is a site on the National Register of Historic Places that dates back to the mid-19th century. When you visit, you can explore its well-preserved construction as well as the surrounding grounds that feature barracks, a hospital, a recreation building, shops, stables, and more to explore.

    Eastern Market

    Eastern Market is one of the oldest public farmers markets in the city and even the country, dating back to 1841. Shopping around this market offers much more than just produce, as you'll find vendors offering handicrafts and other works of art. You can even take classes to improve your own cooking and art skills.

    Motown Museum

    The Motown Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of Motown Records in the very house that doubled as its original headquarters and recording studio. It's remarkably well-preserved, letting you see old recording booths and musical instruments including the legendary 1877 Steinway Model D grand piano.

    photo by Tara (CC BY 2.0) modified