The best local restaurants in Antalya let you fill up on Turkish and Mediterranean delights at budget-friendly prices. Seafood delicacies and grilled meats are on most menus in Antalya, but there are also plenty of vegetarian-friendly options ranging from spicy salads to homemade soups.

    Whether you want to dine alongside friendly locals in a meyhane (traditional restaurant) on a cliff’s edge terrace or in a romantic courtyard setting, the city's best local restaurants have you covered. Read on to find out where to find the best local dining spots to make the most of your culinary adventure in this charming Turkish resort city.


    Paçacı Şemsi

    Turkish soup served around the clock

    Paçacı Şemsi serves Antalya locals delicious hot soups 24 hours a day. On this restaurant’s menu, you’ll find soups ranging from vegetable creations to goat milk specials. You can also try one of the restaurant’s bone marrow broths, which are boiled for about 8 hours before being offered to guests.

    Paçacı Şemsi is a great place to absorb the local culture while tucking into local fare at a streetside table. If you fancy a spot of shopping before dinner, you can browse local goods at nearby destinations such as the Doğu Garajı shopping centre or the Old Bazaar.

    Location: Tahılpazarı, Şht. Binbaşı Cengiz Toytunç Cd., 07040 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey

    Open: 24/7

    Phone: +90 (0)242 247 50 73


    Food in Box

    Konyaaltı’s go-to restaurant for Turkish and international comfort food

    Food in Box is a popular local haunt in the beach district of Konyaaltı in Antalya. It’s also where you can treat yourself to Turkish and international comfort food, which is served until 1 am. Standouts include seafood dishes, steaks, burgers, and desserts like profiteroles and tiramisu.

    Food in Box offers a breakfast menu from 8 am to 3 pm, making it an ideal spot to grab a bite before heading to Antalya’s largest and most popular beach. If you’d prefer to refuel after sunbathing and swimming, you can grab a table in the evening when a live DJ provides entertainment.

    Location: Gürsu, Akdeniz Blv. No:182, 07070 Konyaaltı/Antalya, Turkey

    Open: Daily from 8 am to 1 am

    Phone: +90 (0)532 696 21 62


    Castle Cafe Restoran

    Mediterranean fare with panoramic views

    Castle Café Restoran sits on the edge of a cliff in Antalya’s Old City. Offering stunning views of the Gulf of Antalya and a relaxed ambience, locals often come here for dinner. Atmosphere aside, the restaurant serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine, including a variety of meze dishes and pasta options.

    While you’re in the area, we recommend checking out the Hidirlik Tower, which was constructed by the Romans during the 2nd century. If the views of the gulf from Castle Café Restoran leave you wanting more, you can visit the nearby Antalya Observatory Square.

    Location: Kılınçarslan, Hıdırlık Sk. No:46, 07100 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey

    Open: Daily from 8 am to midnight

    Phone: +90 (0)242 248 65 94


    Tiritcizade Restoran Konya Mutfağı

    A relaxed diner specialising in Turkish favourites

    Tiritcizade Restoran Konya Mutfağı is a laidback restaurant where you can order Turkish favourites such as grilled meats, doner kebab and lamb kofta. The restaurant’s İskender kebap is a menu highlight, which is kebab meat with hot tomato sauce, melted sheep’s milk butter and yoghurt over slices of pita. There are also plenty of options for vegetarians.

    Tiritcizade Restoran Konya Mutfağı is located near the coast in the district of Konyaaltı, which attracts visitors and locals with its long sandy beach. You won’t usually need to wait for a table, but if you’d rather avoid food queues, we recommend heading here for lunch.

    Location: Altınkum Mahallesi, Atatürk Bulvarı Nadir Apt. D:151/A1, 07070 Konyaaltı/Antalya, Turkey

    Open: Daily from noon to 11 pm

    Phone: +90 (0)242 229 29 00


    Ayar Meyhanesi

    A Turkish restaurant with a pool and terrace

    • Food
    • Nightlife
    • Couples
    • Budget

    At Ayar Meyhanesi, you can feast on Turkish seafood delicacies while listening to live music. You can also absorb the local culture with a drink by the pool or enjoy an evening with your better half in the snug and unpretentious dining area. If the weather permits, we recommend grabbing a table on the terrace for lunch, when the sunshine highlights the restaurant’s Mediterranean charm.

    Saturday night is Ayar Meyhanesi’s busiest period, so you might want to book in advance if you’d rather avoid waiting for a table. After dinner, you can enjoy wine and cocktails at the bar until 1 am.

    Location: Kılınçarslan, Hesapçı Sk. No:59, 07100 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey

    Open: Daily from 11 am to 1 am

    Phone: +90 (0)530 117 29 27


    Paşa Bey Kebap

    A top-rated restaurant for delicious kebabs

    Paşa Bey Kebap in Antalya specialises in Turkish cuisine and attracts locals who like to order large portions for a high-value price. On the menu, you’ll find local delicacies like kofte (Turkish meatballs), coriander salad and pide (Turkish flatbread). There are also lots of tasty barbecued meat to choose from.

    With its indoor dining and street table options, Paşa Bey Kebap is a great place for a meal any time of the day. It's around 600 metres northeast of Antalya Hamitbey Plajı.

    Location: Gençlik, 1319. Sk. No:4 D:1, 07100 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey

    Open: Daily from 11 am to 11 pm

    Phone: +90 (0)242 244 96 90


    Can Can Pide Yemek Salonu

    Authentic Turkish dishes for budget-conscious diners

    Can Can Pide Yemek Salonu serves authentic Turkish dishes at low prices. The restaurant is one of Antalya’s best-known spots for delicious kebabs and pide (Turkish flatbread with meat toppings). It’s also a great hangout spot to mingle with locals and get a glimpse into daily life in Antalya.

    On the streets surrounding Can Can Pide Yemek Salonu, you’ll find various stores selling jewellery, clothing, beauty products, games, homeware and local produce. We recommend stopping by for a late lunch when you’re unlikely to face long queues.

    Location: H. İşcan Mah Arık Cad Akkaşoğlu Apt 4/A, 07100 Muratpaşa, Turkey

    Open: Daily from 8.30 am to 11 pm

    Phone: +90 (0)242 243 25 48


    Grand Friends Fish & Steak Restaurant

    Seafood and steaks with a Mediterranean twist

    Grand Friends Fish & Steak Restaurant offers Turkish and international fare in a courtyard setting that blends elements of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. This diner is locally adored for its superb service and relaxed atmosphere. 

    On top of its extensive food menu, Grand Friends Fish & Steak Restaurant also offers a variety of local wines. This restaurant is open daily from 11 am, but we recommend turning up for dinner when illuminated decorative touches and table candles add to the cosy feel. You might want to call in advance if you intend to visit on a Friday or Saturday evening.

    Location: Kılınçarslan, Kocatepe Sk. 37-35, 07100 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey

    Open: Daily from 11 am to midnight

    Phone: +90 (0)531 858 05 08


    Dikkat Et

    A family-run diner famous for its meat plates

    Dikkat Et is a family-run Antalya restaurant where an experienced mother-grandmother team rustles up Turkish delights. Alongside curries, meatballs and grilled meats, you can also order homemade soups, salads and ravioli. 

    Dikkat Et is in the Barbaros district, where you’ll find countless shops selling goods ranging from jewellery to fabrics. The restaurant is also just south of Hadrian’s Gate, which was built by the Romans during the 2nd century.

    Location: Barbaros, No:40, Atatürk Cd. No:40/1, 07100 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey

    Open: Daily from 11 am to 11 pm

    Phone: +90 (0)242 241 47 07


    Parlak Restaurant

    A lunchtime favourite with Antalya’s professionals

    Parlak Restaurant attracts Antalya’s professionals looking to fill up on tasty Turkish meats. Order a grilled chicken with your choice of soups, salads or seafood starters. Its simple yet sophisticated interior makes for a cosy dining experience in the city. 

    Parlak Restaurant can be particularly busy during lunch, so you might want to arrive for a late lunch at around 3 pm to avoid long queues. For a bit of history while you’re in the area, head over to the nearby Byzantine-era Antalya Saat Kulesi Tower and the 15th-century Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque.

    Location: Elmalı Mahallesi, Zincirli Han İçi, 1. Sk., 07040 Muratpaşa, Turkey

    Open: Daily from noon to midnight

    Phone: +90 (0)242 241 65 53

    Joshua Saunders | Contributing Writer

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