The Teatrino di Pulcinella al Gianicolo is a traditional outdoor puppet show that pays a playful homage to Roman culture in weekend performances that delight children and adults alike. A humorous and mirthful experience that has inspired people of various ages for more than 5 decades, this expertly performed show makes Gianicolo Belvedere worth a visit even for locals who have lived in the area for a long time.

Resting proudly above the right bank of Tiber, the Gianicolo hill, which houses the well-known puppet show, remains an impressive sight to behold.

Teatrino di Pulcinella al Gianicolo in Rome - one of the highlights of 17 Best Family Things to Do in Rome (Read all about Rome here)

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What are the highlights of the Teatrino di Pulcinella al Gianicolo in Rome?

Dating back to 1959 and performed only in Italian, the Teatrino di Pulcinella al Gianicolo performances thrive on their whimsical adherence to Roman custom, the use of masked characters and improvised acting to provoke genuine interest in audiences. The main character, Neapolitan Pulcinella, drives the show with a squeaky, nasally voice, generating comical effect by creating conflict with everything around him.

The body language of the puppets makes their reactions to his antics clear, so anyone can understand and thoroughly enjoy the story being portrayed. Replica puppets are also available for purchase at the Teatrino di Pulcinella al Gianicolo.

What else is good to know about the Teatrino di Pulcinella al Gianicolo in Rome?

Besides Teatrino di Pulcinella al Gianicolo, there's more to see and do here. A one-of-a-kind cannon fires blanks every day at noon from atop Gianicolo hill, and you can also enjoy the Piazzale Anita Garibaldi for a scenic, panoramic view that spans so wide and far it includes ancient ruins, vast monuments and baroque domes in their entirety.

Nearby lies the historic centre of Rome, including many mountains, the botanical gardens of Rome and the Regina Coeli prison. For current hours and visiting conditions of the area, check the contact information listed online for the Teatrino di Pulcinella al Gianicolo prior to your visit.

Teatrino di Pulcinella al Gianicolo in Rome

Location: Via Garibaldi, Salita di Sant'Onofrio, 00165 Roma RM, Italy