Pampelonne Beach is a long stretch of white sand and clear aquamarine water where celebrities and influencers love to party. The famous beach is located near the village of Ramatuelle, while Saint Tropez is just a few miles to the north. The endless stretch of dazzling sand is unforgettable.

Often referred to as the crown jewel of Saint Tropez beaches, Pampelonne Beach is a combination of natural beauty and an alluring party atmosphere. Natural beauty is not limited to the white sand and crystalline water, as there are hectares of coastal dune grass surrounding the beach and a foliage-covered rocky coast flanking either end.

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What are the highlights of Pampelonne Beach in Saint Tropez?

One of the most appealing aspects of Pampelonne Beach is that it is the playground of the rich and famous, so it is the home of some of the most popular beach clubs in the south of France. Its popularity is also the reason why there are typically a large number of yachts anchored just offshore.

Prestige aside, the beach is a lovely place to lounge and enjoy a day of fun in the sun. The water is truly crystal clear and makes for a refreshing swim, and the beach is covered in very soft sand.

What else is good to know about Pampelonne Beach in Saint Tropez?

Pampelonne Beach extends over 3 miles in length from north to south, which makes it a great location for a morning jog or a casual evening stroll to view the sunset. Summers are the busiest months here, and it gets crowded, but the beachfront is large enough for everyone.

Pampelonne has full beach facilities and many amenities because of its popularity and convenient proximity to Ramatuelle. You'll find adequate showers, toilets, refreshments, water activities and beach umbrella and chair hires. Be prepared for pricey restaurants if you plan to eat nearby.

Pampelonne Beach in Saint Tropez

Location: 83350, France