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Where to Stay in Broome - From Beachfront Resorts to Backpacker Hostels

Broome has enough hotels and guesthouses to sleep its permanent resident population several times over. Accommodation covers every taste and price range. You can choose from upscale beachfront resorts with romantic rooms for couples, to budget-minded hostels for backpacker groups. Almost all are located either in the town centre or along Cable Beach.

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Where to Shop in Broome - From Chinatown Pearls to Beachfront Markets

Given the area's strong links to the pearling industry, it's no surprise that these shiny white treasures are a favorite souvenir for many visitors to Broome. You'll also find jewelry stores, Aboriginal and contemporary art, and a range of other handicrafts. For food and household items, Broome Boulevard mall should stock everything you need.

Top Broome Sights - Take Your Pick From Multicultural Attractions, Extensive Beaches, and the Remote Outback

In Broome adventure awaits: You can go snorkeling in remote lagoons, drive through the rugged outback in a 4x4, or go fishing for prize catches off the town jetty. It is also the perfect destination to spend lingering days worshipping the sun on sandy beaches, and taking dips in sparkling ocean waves.

A City Guide to Broome - Pearls, Beaches, and Natural Wonders

Broome, also known as Yawuru Country, is nestled on a peninsula in Western Australia, and lapped by the Indian Ocean's turquoise waves. With balmy temperatures and long beaches, it's a sun seeker's paradise, but there's something for everyone with the town's colourful pearling history and unusual natural wonders. Perched on the edge of the rugged Kimberley region, you can take trips to the wilderness by 4x4, plane, or boat.

Nightlife and Entertainment in Broome - From Pubs and Bars to Open-Air Movies

Despite its small size, the large number of visitors that come to Broome ensures a vibrant nightlife scene. Entertainment usually revolves around bars and restaurants, and other nocturnal distractions include live music. You will experience something unique if you visit the town's historic open-air cinema.

Family-Friendly Broome - From Sandy Beaches to Turtle-Watching From a Kayak

Broome offers a wide range of family-oriented activities and most involve outdoors fun. The combination of warm weather, safe swimming beaches, and plentiful sand, means your kids are unlikely to get bored. More adventurous youngsters will enjoy a chance to spot whales or turtles, or to ride along the beach on a camel at sunset.

Where to Eat in Broome - From Bush Foraging to Gourmet Restaurants

Fusion defines most Broome fare, reflecting the town's cultural melting pot of Asian, European, and Aboriginal influences. Adventurous foodies will enjoy a variety of choices, from fine dining to foraging in the Kimberley bush. Whether sampling a high-end culinary experience, or more simple local delights, you can expect fresh, local produce, against backdrops of natural scenery.

Top Travel Tips - Getting the Most From Your Visit to Broome

Broome sits on a small peninsula on the shores of the Indian Ocean. It first came to prominence as a pearl fishing port. But today it's year-round balmy temperatures, and long stretches of sandy beach, that attract most visitors. The town is also a gateway to the wilderness areas of the Dampier Peninsula, and the rugged Kimberley region of the vast Australian Outback.

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