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Where to Stay in Avignon - From Chateau Rooms to Aparthotels

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Avignon offers a wide selection of comfortable accommodations close to the city's main attractions. Hostels and aparthotels are ideal for those on a budget - especially if you'd rather spend your money at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Luxury seekers who crave white-glove service and access to gardens and pools have the pick of some of the area's finest upscale hotels.

Near Palais des Papes


A stay in historic Avignon places you close to the city's iconic attractions, including Palais des Papes and Avignon Cathedral. Alongside these Gothic masterpieces, charming restaurants and shops compete for your attention. For views of the Rhône and Pont d'Avignon, wind your way to the highest point of Rocher des Doms, a popular hilltop garden.


Around Palais des Papes and Place Crillon, you'll find 4- and 5-star hotels. Luxury details include antique decor, fine linens, and patterned wallpaper. Expect high-quality service, including advice on how to best explore the city's historical landmarks.


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City centre


If you want to be within walking distance of attractions ancient and modern, downtown Avignon is an ideal base. You'll be close to great shopping on Rue de la République and within a 20-minute stroll of sights within the ancient walls, including Palais des Papes, Rocher des Doms, the opera house, and Avignon's many bustling plazas.


South of Palais des Papes, in the heart of the ancient centre, sit a bevy of hotels that offer excellent quality and affordable rates.


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Southern zone


If you stay on the south side of the city, you'll be right next to the tourist information centre, which makes it easy to find maps and detailed information. You can head south beyond the ancient walls to the railway station and board a train bound for Provence's picturesque, lavender-scented countryside.


This area of Avignon has a number of elegant and well-priced hotels. You'll find options that offer breakfast, outdoor seating, in-house bars, and other amenities. Some even have outdoor pools.


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