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Vibrant Resorts and Quiet Inns - Where to Stay in Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach’s hotels are ideal for a lively beachfront getaway or a low-key trip with the kids. Plenty of resorts will put you where the city’s seaside action is - not to mention most of the tourists. You can also find budget-friendly options along other parts of the shoreline, though. Move further inland, and you’ll find modern elegant hotels that express a subdued sensibility.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk


This 3-mile stretch of coast is where most of the tourists stay and play in Virginia Beach. Guests can stroll, bike, or rollerblade down the 28-foot-wide promenade, cross it to get to the beach, or simply people-watch from 1 of their resorts’ outdoor lounges. Atlantic Avenue is 1 block west of the esplanade, and it’s loaded with boutique shops, restaurants, and plenty of energy to keep the beachfront liveliness going.


The boardwalk’s accommodation is dominated by high-rise hotels featuring panoramic views of the ocean or the city, depending on where your room is facing. There are also a few smaller, no-frills, independent and chain hotels sprinkled here and there throughout the neighbourhood.


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Chick's Beach


The northern segment of Virginia Beach is where the locals go when they want to spend time near the shoreline. The area is surrounded by a much more subdued environment than what you’ll see along the boardwalk. However, while you will find restaurants and stores, this also means the shopping and dining options are also much more low-key. The heart of the neighbourhood is about a 15-minute drive from the boardwalk, so you can get to its bustle rather easily when you’re ready.


There is a small handful of hotels throughout the area. Options primarily consist of familiar chains that offer perks like free Wi-Fi. Hotels here are also not clustered together, which tends to make things a little more quiet.


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Town centre


What was once Virginia Beach’s quiet, unassuming downtown area is now a vibrant place full of stores, dining, and lodging. You’ll be surrounded by plenty of opportunities for window shopping. The area also offers several restaurant options in the kind of urban atmosphere that is the yin to the city’s beachfront yang. If you want to compare the vibe to the boardwalk, you can easily hop on Interstate 284 and be there in around 15 minutes.


Town centre has several elegant, upscale hotels that fit rather well within the neighbourhood’s downtown ambiance. If you’re travelling on a budget, the no-frills options here are typically much more affordable than their counterparts near the coastline.


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