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Where to Stay in Mahabaleshwar – a guide to the best locations

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A lively hill station perched amid the mountains of the Maharashtra state, Mahabaleshwar is a nature lover’s paradise. From afternoons on the sprawling Venna Lake to evenings feasting on the region’s famous strawberries, there’s a heck of a lot to enjoy. Whether you’re keen to stay in the town centre, for the buzz of the market place, or fancy something a touch quieter, you’ll find plenty of hotels to choose from.
Hotels in town centre



The hotels scattered throughout the town centre are generally fairly basic, mid-range establishments fine for a good night’s sleep after a long and exciting day on your feet. It's best not to expect too many frills and flourishes, but a few simple comforts like free parking, clean bathrooms, and comfy rooms should see you right for your next trip into the wilderness. One or two finer options with elegant, stylish décor and inviting pools can also be found.


Outskirts of town



For a secluded location with little more than a 10-minute walk back into town and the main market, the countryside immediately surrounding Mahabaleshwar is just right. With swathes of strawberry fields and leafy valleys waiting to be explored, a stay just out of town is perfect for travellers wanting a touch of tranquil seclusion and instant access to the delights of nature. Wilson Point is just under 2 kilometres from town and offers startling views of both sunrise and sunset.


Hotels in the outskirts



The hotels just out of town are best suited for visitors with larger budgets looking for something grand and graceful. You can find plush hillside retreats complete with riveting valley views, expansive grounds, swimming pools, in-house entertainment, and all the premium comforts you can think of. Should it take your fancy, you might even pick a spot with a fully equipped professional spa – ideal for both chilled-out honeymooners and adventurers looking to sooth their muscles after a day in the wilderness.


Panchgani Mahabaleshwar Road



The Panchgani Mahabaleshwar Road runs, as you’d expect, from Mahabaleshwar to Panchgani – another picturesque hill station with plenty of natural wonders to make the most of during your trip. The road weaves passed Venna Lake and affords good access to a range of the region’s most popular attractions, including Mapro Garden – a lush and colourful park famous for its burgeoning, zingingly sweet fruit products. Panchgani is well known for its educational institutions and grand old British architecture.


Hotels around Panchgani Road



The hotels scattered about the Panchgani Mahabaleshwar Road are much like many of those in the town – comfortable and reasonably priced. Clustered together about 10 minutes’ drive from the centre, many of the establishments offer WiFi, often at a surcharge. In-house restaurants, swimming pools, and the occasional spa can be found, but the most appealing aspect is no doubt the location: set in among mountains, you’ll find a generous stock of gorgeous viewpoints nearby.