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Where to Eat in Mahabaleshwar – a food and dining guide

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Set deep in one of India’s premier strawberry producing regions, Mahabaleshwar is a hill station literally bursting with sweet and fruity fare. But as well as captivating tourists with every berry-related culinary creation under the sun, the local restaurants churn out a delicious range of dishes to satisfy a wide variety of tastes. Whether you fancy some fine local veg, a Chinese delicacy, or something continental, you’ll not be left wanting.
Typical dishes



Visiting Mahabaleshwar is the perfect opportunity to stuff your face with every scarlet strawberry ice cream, milkshake, jam, and jelly in sight – “when in Rome,” as they say.

City centre


Located in the heart of Mahabaleshwar is the Town Bazaar, a busy market place great for bagging a bargain. Along the main street you can find a good few spots for gorging on rich and unctuous combinations of berries and cream. But for a more substantial meal, a slight detour to Grapevine – a small affair tucked just behind the main street – is well worth it. You can choose from a menu of Indian, continental, and Oriental courses lovingly prepared with locally sourced organic vegetables. Meanwhile, Hotel Rajesh enjoys a reputation for serving quality vegetarian food, with Chinese, Punjabi, and Gujarati specialities on offer.


• Grapevine, Masjid Road, Market Area opp. Fountain Hotel, Mahabaleshwar; Tel: +91 2168 261100

Hotel Rajesh, Nr. ST. Bus Stand, Mahabaleshwar; Tel: +91 2168 260006


Out of town


As well as an array of spectacular walks, viewpoints, and other attractions scattered across the countryside surrounding Mahabaleshwar, you’ll find a good choice of affordable restaurants ready and waiting to sate your appetite. The Brightland Resort and Spa overlooks the magnificent Krishna River Valley and is just 4 kilometres from town. The Olive Garden and the Pavilion are the most impressive of the hotel’s 4 restaurants. The former is great for pizza and pasta while the latter is known for mouth-watering Indian and Chinese fare. If you’re making a trip out of town to Old Mahabaleshwar, then the warm and unpretentious Templeview restaurant serves up some of the best Gujarati and Rajashani dishes around.


• Brightland Resort and Spa, Kates Point Road, Mahabaleshwar; Tel: +91 216 826 0700

Temple View Restaurant, Old Mahabaleshwar,Mahabaleshwar; Tel: +91 2168260025


Panchgani Mahabaleshwar Road


The road between Mahabaleshwar and the nearby hill station of Panchgani is not only a breathtaking route to drive, but is also home to some of the region’s scrummiest restaurants. Hirkani Garden is a rustic eatery responsible for a selection of delightful local and international recipes. Concerned mainly with veggie Maharashtian cuisine, this romantic old establishment boasts beautiful bhakari breads and comes with a modest authentic ambience. Further along the road, you’ll find Mapro Garden, a local production centre where you can try the absolute best of the regional berries. From sumptuous swirls of strawberries and cream to delectable squashes, milkshakes, and crushes, there’s much to sink your teeth into.


• Hirkani Garden, Panchgani Mahabaleshwar Road, Mahabaleshwar; Tel: +91 1132020202

Mapro Garden, Panchgani Mahabaleshwar Road, Mahabaleshwar; Tel: +91 9422604705




A picturesque drive from Mahabaleshwar is the quietly stunning hill station of Panchgani. Like its neighbour, the town is plump with excellent produce and interesting places to dine. As well as a hefty stock of particularly inviting fruit-based deserts, you’ll find restaurants showing off the scrumptious flavours of Gujarati, Parsi, and Maharashtrian cuisine. For the most succulent meat in town, the aromatic biryanis at Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar are sure to kick your taste buds into overdrive. For those hankering after something rich and doughy, Lucky’s Bakery delivers hearty grub in a friendly environment. As well as fresh breads and sticky treats, the spiced eggs, chicken burgers, and strong coffee are particularly popular.


• Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar, 470 Dockson Road, opp. Fidai Academy, Panchgani; Tel: +91 2168242249

Lucky's, Nr. Panchgani Bus Stand, Panchgani; Tel: +91 2168240450