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Where to eat in Brisbane – a food and dining guide

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Brisbane's hot on the heels of Australia’s other major cities when it comes to the art of eating well. It’s already got a head start, thanks to its climate, meaning eating outside with river views give the dining out experience in Brisbane serious bonus points for ambience. From modern Australian to Asian, Mediterranean and other global flavors, you’ll find plenty to suit any palate, or budget, as you go on a culinary journey of discovery. 

Typical dish


The closest Brisbane comes to a local specialty is the Moreton Bay Bug, a locally sourced and extremely delicious crustacean found in the waters off Moreton Bay. If seafood, or bug meat, is not your thing, the locals are also seriously proud of their steaks.

Brisbane CBD


In the city center itself you’ll find all manner of international options, but the common thread is the restaurants’ use of the waterfront – either for al fresco dining or spectacular views. Everything from French bistros to Japanese kitchens and award-winning steakhouses are on offer. On the river itself, the Customs House Restaurant combines stunning architecture and history with a dazzling menu, taking full advantage of the abundance of delicious, seasonal, and local seafood. Jellyfish Restaurant is another perfect riverside spot to sample the fruits of the sea.


Customs House Restaurant, 399 Queen Street, 4000
Tel: 07 3365 8921
Jellyfish Restaurant, Riverside Boardwalk, 123 Eagle Street, 4000
Tel: 07 3220 2202


West End


With a laidback, bohemian vibe the West End is home to a real mix of cafés, eateries, and restaurants with an arty, quirky vibe. There’s a lot of world influence here too, you’ll be able to find everything from Mexican and Turkish to Italian, Cuban, and Greek vying for your attention. One of the best of the internationals is the Sitar Indian Restaurant, which is a perennial favorite for locals and visitors and offers an authentic taste of India. For an arty experience, Depo is a restaurant and gallery all in one, offering European food with its cultural highlights.


Depo, 16 Horan Street, 4101
Tel: 07 3846 6537
Sitar Indian Restaurant, 65 Hardgrave Road, 4101
Tel: 07 3846 7271


Paddington and Rosalie


The region around Paddington is populated with charming cafés and one-offs where home-cooking and comfort is all part of the service. It’s not just about comfort, or cosiness, around here though, with a host of Asian expertise on hand to tempt and tease the palate, not to mention plenty of Italian trattoria style restaurants. One of the best for Japanese food is Hanabishi, which has a sushi bar and a la carte menu. For a mix of everything great about Paddington – gourmet but laid-back – Spoon Deli Café offers the ideal blend of fresh, funky, and unpretentious.


Hanabishi Japanese Restaurant, 61 Petrie Terrace, 04000
Tel: 07 3367 3889
Spoon Deli Café, 107 LaTrobe Terrace, 4064
Tel: 07 3367 0722


South Bank


To the south of the river you’ll find, nestling among the galleries, museums, and other attractions, some of the most inviting restaurants in the whole of Brisbane. It’s not just seated dining on offer here either, thanks to the regular markets which offer delicious but bargainous street-food to please the wallet, and the palate. The Jetty is hugely popular thanks to its stunning views across the water and its tempting modern Australian seafood, while the upmarket Popolo is a slice of Italian style in the sultry climes of Brisbane.


The Jetty, Riverbend Restaurant, Sidon Street, 4101
Tel: 07 3844 8838
Popolo, Sidon Street, 4101
Tel: 07 3846 7784