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Where to stay in Bodrum – a neighborhood guide

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The Bodrum peninsula offers a wide variety of accommodation to suit all travelers. From traditional pensions, private apartments or luxury five star hotels, all budgets and preferences can be catered for. Despite earning the moniker ‘Turkey’s Cote d’Azur’, the Bodrum Peninsula has managed to retain its peaceful and unassuming charm. Those looking to enjoy the simple things; sea views, seafood and wine will not be disappointed.

Mehmet Gozen

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Bodrum (Aegean Coast)

Bodrum town


Bodrum town is perfect for so many holidaymakers as it’s possible to both relax in a peaceful cove yet also be out partying until dawn. Strolling along the Bodrum streets you’ll find yourself immersed in a mix of native and cosmopolitan culture that is what makes Bodrum town so unique. The area offers a host of accommodation options, with many five star hotels waiting to provide you with top class service as well as smaller pensions that will be a little more set back from the action. Stick to beach side hotels if you’re looking for a lively trip.




Yaliciftlik is 30km from Bodrum town center and is recognized as a wonderfully untouched resort on the peninsula. The area is surrounded by secluded bays, perfectly clear sea and pine forests and has a shingle beach which turns to sand the further east you head. Accommodation wise, you’ll typically find larger luxury holiday resorts in the area, but can expect to receive top class service and a warm welcome wherever you stay. Yaliciftlik also has a wide choice of good inexpensive restaurants serving delicious fresh food to choose from.




Four kilometers east of Bodrum lies Bitez, a perfect place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of lively Bodrum town. Bitez’s crescent shaped beach is surrounded by restaurants, cafes and shops and thus helps to prevent the noise of traffic reaching the shore. From luxury hotels to smaller apartments, the area provides for all travelers and their differing budgets. Bitez is perfect for those water babies keen on sailing and surfing and a walk on the promenade is a necessity for anyone visiting the area.




For those looking for a calm and quiet place to stay, Gümüşlük in the south west of Turkey is the ideal spot. The curve of the peninsula has created a secluded bay with the beautiful Rabbit Island, the focal point of the area. The resort is situated on the grounds of an ancient city meaning it’s protected from developments and unlike many other holiday destinations, has not been over exposed. Bars and restaurants are forbidden from playing music too loudly which means travelers can sit and relax with a drink in peace. This is a low-key authentic Turkish fishing village with small B&Bs and hotels.




After Bodrum, Gumbet was named the most popular holiday destination on the Peninsula and it’s easy to see why. Built on a hillside, it’s narrow streets tumble down towards a beautiful bay with a sand and pebble beach stretching the length of the town. For surfers and sport enthusiasts, Gumbet is considered by many to be among the finest watersport facilities on the Bodrum Peninsula. The village is small with numerous hotels close to a plethora of bars and restaurants ready to welcome you in with a refreshment when you need a break from the sun.