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Where to stay in Toronto – a neighborhood guide

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Toronto’s neighborhoods are nearly as diverse as its peoples.  From the sleek and swanky Yorkville area to the hotpot of cultures in the diverse Chinatown district, or the trendy, often budget options within the city center: Toronto will far from disappoint.  With an efficient public transport system and grid-like layout, staying anywhere in the city puts you within easy access of every single attraction. 

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Toronto (Ontario)

Downtown Toronto


Toronto’s downtown area is a bustling metropolis full of towering sky scrapers and huge shopping streets. Home to the longest street in the world, Yonge Street, and the hippest neighborhood in the city, Queen West, Downtown Toronto is full of visitors looking to find their latest buy, not to mention the many businessmen passing through this hectic business and financial district.


Hotels in Downtown Toronto


Blending in with the high rise buildings of Downtown Toronto, hotels in the area are usually tall and glass fronted buildings filled with well managed and comfortable suites and on-site restaurants.




The Chinese-Canadian population in Toronto is so large that there are multiple neighborhoods that reflect this in the area. In fact there are many Asian cultures living in the city, and Chinatown is a prime example of this. It is a hotpot of authentic Asian goods, from food to fashion items originating from Vietnam, Japan, China and more.


Hotels in Chinatown


Hotels in Chinatown take on a contemporary design, with sleek, clean furnishings and modern amenities. Their basic outdoor appearance is deceiving, as inside are comfortable and attractive suites that offer great value for money.


The waterfront


Lake Ontario is one of Toronto’s greatest assets and boasts a number of yellow sandy beaches and water sport hotspots that both locals and tourist enjoy in warmer months. The soft beaches and wood panelled walkways are a welcome contrast to the surrounding concrete city, where skyscrapers and the CN Tower looms overhead.


Hotels near the waterfront


Accommodation near Lake Ontario is more select, with budget chain hotels reigning supreme. Basic yet cosy hotels and motels are closest to the beaches, ensuring easy access and a comfortable base: an ideal set up when you have towels and goggles to carry.




A chic addition to the Toronto city scene is Yorkville; a stylish and high-class area brimming with swanky hotels and elegant dining. For those where price is no object, Yorkville is an attractive playground that holds the most sought after real estate in the whole city and some big celebrity names – if you can spot them.


Hotels in Yorkville


Deluxe suites and elegant hotels are found all over the Yorkville neighborhood. Big name chains and boutique hotels are on the list, where guest’s comfort takes priority, meaning lavish surroundings and top-class service.




Scarborough is a district in the eastern part of Toronto which started as a small, rural bunch of villages but has since merged into the city and developed a diverse community. There are a great number of Asian immigrants, giving it a diverse array of religious landmarks. You can also find natural points of interests, like the Scarborough Bluffs and Rouge Park.


Hotels in Scarborough


It is not surprising that the hotels in Scarborough are small in comparison to those in the jam-packed city center. The hotels within the Scarborough neighborhood are compact and convenient. Many of them popular chains, offering value for money in a great location.