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Where to sleep in Rajasthan – the cities of Rajasthan and where to stay

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As Rajasthan is one of the most popular states in India for tourists, you will surely find the perfect accommodation to suit you. The large desert offers a range of accommodation from to high end hotels to attractive themed mid-range hotels as well as in-budget guesthouses. Tourists flock to all of the cities and with tourists come a wide range of accommodation options to choose from. 

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The home of the ‘pink city’ is vibrant and full of colonial history, packed bazaars and cultural attractions galore; no wonder it is the state’s capital city attracting hoards of travelers a year. For that reason, there is a wide range of accommodation which is a little more expensive than other less visited areas in the state due to its popularity.


The hotels in Jaipur are either nestled on the main roads or spread out in more spacious areas slightly further away from the old city. Some hotels offer quirky themed rooms decorated with ornaments, great western bathrooms, rooftop restaurants and renowned customer service all at a very reasonable price.




Another popular tourist destination is the ‘blue city’; named so for its buildings being painted a light dusky blue. With more hill top forts and tourist attractions than any other city in the state, it is well worth a visit. The city has outgrown its old city walls, but it is still the best and most attractive part of the city where most of the local action takes place.


Well priced family run guesthouses are welcoming and popular here, some with great rooftop restaurants for excellent views of the Meheranght Fort for very reasonable prices. Guesthouses offer hot water all day, classic Indian décor and well furnished rooms with ensuites.




The holy city of Pushka, sitting on the edge of the famous Thar Desert has over 52 ghats surrounding the holy Pushkar Lake. Pushka is thought by Hindus to be as old as the earth. The city’s name is literally translated as the lotus flower and is a pilgrimage city for Hindus with many temples around the lake’s edge suitably placed for prayers.


Attractive hotels sit on the edge of Pushkar Lake, offering excellent views over the lake and its daily activities. Most hotels are either quite reasonable and are typical Indian hotels with traveler amenities. Splash out for a spa resort further away from the lake if you’re feeling special. Due to the holiness of the city alcohol is very rare, as are eggs and meat. Public affection is frowned upon.




Jaisalmer, otherwise known as the giant sandcastle or the ‘golden city’ is a bustling place full of markets, people, camels, touts wanting you to book on safaris, sand and the huge aptly named Jaisalmer Fort. There are also plenty more history, temples and museums to keep yourself amused.


Jaisalmer has some really great hotels for literally pennies which are still clean with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Some hotels also have the added bonus of a balcony for some of your own outside space away from the busy streets.