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Where to stay in Fethiye – a neighborhood guide

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There is a hotel for every kind of traveler in Fethiye. From low-priced lodges to luxury suites and from self-catered hotels to bed and breakfast, the city caters to all sorts of budgets and preferences. While top-class hotels near Fethiye marina will suit the more refined traveler, the beachside hotels in Cali are ideal for sun lovers. Whether you prefer the traditional pensions of Göcek or the all-inclusive hotels of Oludeniz, Fethiye won’t disappoint you.

Mehmet Gozen

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Fethiye (Aegean Coast)

Fethiye Marina


It’s not surprising that an area buzzing with deluxe yachts would be surrounded by luxurious hotels. Indeed, Fethiye Marina is home to boutique hotels and large resorts close to the yacht pier and the stunning bay, although there are also guesthouses that suit budget-travelers. Most of the hotels in this area offer water sports such as scuba diving and other beachside activities, plus they are very close to boat tour docks and harbor attractions. Apart from the views and attractions the marina offers, the area is within walking distance to the town center and Fethiye Fish Market.


Çalış Beach


About five kilometers along the coast from Fethiye town center is Çalış Beach, the place where British holidaymakers escape to in search of the sun, the beach and some quality relaxing holidays. The two-kilometer promenade along the beach is lined with mass-produced hotels, bars and restaurants serving both local and international cuisine. Çalış Market on Sundays might not be as massive as Tuesday Markets in Fethiye town center, but it sure is a pleasant alternative to shop in a less hectic environment. If you enjoy lazing on the sand, swimming or practicing water sports, this is the place for you.




The picturesque fishing village of Göcek, with one of the most beautiful yachting areas in Turkey, delivers a thousand and one opportunities for holiday snaps. From traditional guesthouses to luxurious hotels, the area accommodates all travelers, tastes and budgets. Even though the area’s major attraction is the coves and isles of the Gulf of Göcek - collectively called ‘Twelve Islands’- the waterfront promenade is a sight in itself. You won’t need any transport as it only takes half an hour to walk from one end of Göcek to the other. Most bars offer cheap drinks and live music.




To the south of Fethiye stands the small village and beach resort of Ölüdeniz, famous for its Blue Lagoon and its turquoise beaches; in fact, Ölüdeniz often ranks among the top five beaches in the world. The area features all-inclusive hotels, budget accommodation and family-friendly hotels, conveniently located near many shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. Most hotels are modern, comfortable and offer balconies overlooking the beautiful aquamarine seawater and lush green hillsides. Don’t miss Ölüdeniz’s paragliding opportunities and fly over unique panoramic views and Babadağ Mountain.