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Seoul Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Seoul, Korea

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The capital of South Korea, Seoul is a thriving city that skillfully blends old traditions and style with modern culture. Seoul is simply bursting with interesting attractions and visitors will be able to explore ancient palaces, temples and historical sites, which are situated alongside modern amusement parks, aquariums and science centers.

Despite being invaded over the years by Chinese and Japanese forces, Seoul has managed to maintain many of its customs and traditions, making this a good place for visitors to gain an insight into ancient South Korea. Originally named Hansung when it was founded during the Koryo Dynasty, Seoul has long been a city rich is culture and history as well as the most densely populated city in the entire world.

However, rather than feeling crowded, Seoul has an intimate air and the large population means that there is plenty to do in the city after the sun sets such as dancing, dining and karaoke and visitors can be sure that there is always something to see and do in this vibrant city.


Situated on the north side of the Han River, Jongno contains most of the city's palaces. A large number of historical cultural landmarks are a short walk away and the Insa-dong street area, which is a good place to buy souvenirs, can be found here.


This neighborhood is popular with tourists as a large number of top end hotels are located here as well as some excellent restaurants and plenty of shops. Located to the south of the river, Gangnam-gu has a very modern feel.


Located on an island in the centre of the Han River, this neighborhood is noted for its towering skyscrapers. Prominent buildings such as the National Assembly and the Seoul Stock Exchange are located in Yeoui as well as some trendy restaurants and shops.

Hongdae and Sinchon

These twin neighborhoods can be found to the west of Seoul Station. These areas are popular with student and tourists as they feature a large collection of trendy bars, restaurants and nightclubs. The Seoul World Cup Stadium is also located here.


Seoul's main shopping district contains a wide range of shops where just about anything can be purchased. The main theater area, which is known as Hyewa, is also located here and features the performing arts center and a number of small theaters.


This district is home to one of the largest electronics markets in the entire world as well as the US Army Military Base. This area is popular with expats as it features restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world as well as numerous Western pubs and bars.


One of the richest districts in the city, Songpa is home to a number of prominent sporting venues such as Olympic Park and the Seoul Sports Complex, where sports fans gather to watch international teams play. 


Located to the south of City Hall, a large number of attractions can be found in this district. Visitors flock here to see the 262-meter high peak of Namsan and take in a show at the National Theater.

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