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Things to do in Brisbane – Activities and Entertainment Guide for fun, recreation and relaxation

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There are extensive entertainment options and things to do in Brisbane, with an array of interactive museums and galleries to check out and a busy schedule of festivals and events throughout the year. The city is also home to many square miles of public parks, both in the CBD and at South Bank.

North of the city is extensive parkland and championship golf courses. Rock climbers have the nearby Kangaroo Point which overlooks the city and river, while miles and miles of popular surfing beaches go north and south of the city.

As far as nightlife goes in Brisbane, it is not as vibrant as Sydney or Melbourne yet there are good options for enjoying wine and beer in all areas. Try the Fortitude Valley for live music and the West End for trendy bars.

Queensland Cultural Centre

For culture-vultures, this Brisbane entertainment area is across the river into South Bank and comes with many museums and galleries, including the Queensland Museum and the Queensland Art Gallery. The Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) is especially worth a look and where there are regular international exhibitions.

Double Helix Attraction in Brisbane

The Double Helix is a popular Brisbane attraction located in Fortitude Valley a popular venue for festivals, concerts, and dances and is open every night apart from Tuesdays. It can appeal to all types depending on the occasion.

Outdoor Activities at Kangaroo Point Brisbane

Not far from the city center, Kangaroo Point is a set of cliffs on the river and is a popular spot in Brisbane for outdoor activities such as rock climbing and kayaking. Adventure companies do tours out here and rock climbing classes are available. Views of the city from here at night are stunning and you can also picnic year round.


Brisbane beaches

The Sunshine Coast is just north of Brisbane and has some of the nicest beaches in the country. It is part of the Gold Coast, which also includes the beaches of Brisbane city that continue on toward the New South Wales border to the south. The best beach weather is from November through March.

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Manly Boat Harbour

Manly Harbour is out at the coast, about 30 minutes east of downtown Brisbane. It is the gateway to Moreton Bay where there are pretty islands and water activities. For Brisbane’s entertainment, the Manly Harbor Village has good dining and shopping.


The CBD is the best area to have fun at night and where there are bars and pubs galore. They open until 03:00 and many often require clean attire and smart shoes. South Bank has somewhat more laid-back partying, while Fortitude Valley is quite trendy and has an excellent live music scene.