The Charlene McComb’s Empire Theatre is a performing-arts theatre that hosts music concerts, children's performances, and classic productions. A jewel in the crown of the city centre area of San Antonio, the theatre has a deeply rooted history as one of the city’s largest and most modern theatres at the time of construction.

The venue was originally utilised for vaudeville and stage shows, then motion pictures. At its heyday, several A-list stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age, such as Lon Chaney and Charlie Chaplin, made appearances to promote their films.

Charline McCombs Empire Theatre - one of the highlights of 10 Best Places to See Live Music in San Antonio (Read all about San Antonio here)

Charline McCombs Empire Theatre highlights

The land on which the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre stands has had an entertainment venue upon it since the 1870s. The auditorium is 4 stories tall and has 2 balconies in the historic Brady Building. The theatre is ornate, richly appointed, and touts great acoustics.

The venue was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1999, and today plays host to a myriad of entertainment, from musical concerts to children’s theatre to classic performing-arts productions. The theatre also offers space as an event venue for banquets and weddings.

Good to know for visiting the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre

Located in the heart of the city, the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre is easy to reach with public transport. If you prefer to drive, you can park at the Mid-City/Houston Street Car Park or reserve parking on the theatre grounds. Plenty of other car parks are nearby, such as the Alamo Lot and the Central Library Garage.

The theatre stands in the San Antonio “Theatre District”, and is close to another landmark theatre, The Majestic, which is home to Broadway in San Antonio. Another historic theatre in the area is the Woodlawn Theatre, a performing-arts theatre in a 1940s-era cinema.

Charline McCombs Empire Theatre

Location: 226 N St Mary's St, San Antonio, TX 78205, US

Phone: +1 210-226-3333