Adventure Island is an enormous 30-acre family-friendly water park in northeast Tampa, Florida, and part of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. With many types of rides, waterfalls, pools, cabanas, and dining options, there’s ample opportunity to relax and explore. Shops, stands, and restaurants supply activities for leisure, while winding, innovative rides and periodically wavy pools supply diverse places for recreational activities.

In addition, the sleepy-paced river provides both time in the water and to lounge around. The virtual reality world of snorkelling in Tampa adds a whole different layer to the immersive experience of your holiday, where individuals are suspended for one of three 5-minute fantasy adventures complete with audio, video, and sensory elements such as synchronised jets and bubble movements. There’s the Ocean Experience, Space Experience, and Dragon Experience to choose from to suit your wildest dreams, a surefire way to make valuable, lasting memories at Adventure Island.

Adventure Island in Tampa - one of the highlights of 15 Best Family Things to Do in Tampa (Read all about Tampa here)

What are the highlights of Adventure Island in Tampa?

Colossal Curl is a long and wide family-oriented slide, a giant funnel for the biggest rafts and to fuel the sensation of weightlessness. Calypso Coaster is a kid-friendly, open flume water slide, large enough for 2-passenger inflatable rafts. Caribbean Corkscrew, on the other hand, is an enclosed, double-helix slide for single riders. Water Moccasin is a snake-themed triple tube ride that spirals in mysterious ways, so you don’t know exactly where you’ll end up. Wahoo Remix is an enclosed tunnel slide lit with multicolour LED lights and enhanced sounds.

Rapids Racer is a ProSlide ride with the world’s first dueling saucer section. Endless Surf is a wave pool with several settings to simulate ocean currents. Fabian’s Fun Port is a children's playground with slides scaled down to their perfect size. Paradise Lagoon, Rambling Bayou, and Splash Attack are additional pool and splash areas in Adventure Island.

Where to eat and drink in Adventure Island in Tampa?

The Hang Ten Tiki Bar is Adventure Island’s first full-service bar, with a casual atmosphere, creative cocktails, popular brews, both regional and international rum, soft pretzels, empanadas, and special gulf-smoked fish dips with a pineapple relish. Surfside Cafe provides a wide range of main dishes as well as desserts. Surfside Ice Cream and Gulf Scream Ice Cream serve various delectable flavours. Mango Joe’s supplies smoked chicken, BBQ pork sandwiches, ribs, and salads.

Furthermore, Bayou Beach Club’s frozen cocktails, bottled drinks, and draft beers go well paired with any of the restaurant’s meals. The Island Food Lorry serves scrumptious starters such as chips with its ready meals of hot dogs and tacos. Colossal Snacks and Captain Pete’s also supply a good number of quick bites such as personal pizzas, churros, pretzels, and chilled drinks to satisfy your palate.

What else is good to know about Adventure Island in Tampa?

At Adventure Island, eyewear must have head straps and swimwear with exposed metal implements is not allowed on any of the rides. Smoking is prohibited throughout the park except for in designated outdoor smoking areas.

Adventure Island is just across the street from the animal park Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay. Children 5 years and younger have free access to Adventure Island and Busch Gardens. The recommended length of visiting one of the parks is approximately 3 hours. Adventure Island is also near Lettuce Lake Regional Park and the Museum of Science and Industry. Lettuce Lake Regional Park is a 240-acre wildlife preserve with a 1.25-mile path for bicycling, jogging, and walking, with kayaks and canoes available for rent. The Museum of Science and Industry incorporates over 150 hands-on activities in Saunders Planetarium, Mission: Moonbase, Sky Trail Ropes Course, and more.

Adventure Island in Tampa

Location: 10001 McKinley Dr, Tampa, FL 33612, USA

Open: Saturday–Monday from 10 am to 5 pm (closed Tuesday–Friday)

Phone: +1 813-884-4386