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Kaohsiung Travel Guide

Kaohsiung’s shopping scene has a lot in common with Taipei’s, with both world-beating malls and interesting night markets to choose from. The choice of malls and departments stores, in particular, is very impressive. Dream Mall dominates the scene, not least because it’s among the largest malls in Asia, with so many facilities and attractions that it’s practically a small town in its own right.

Taiwan is famous for its markets, and Kaohsiung is no exception. As is often the case in Taipei, you’ll find markets devoted to a specific kind of product, including one that’s heaven for the fashion-conscious, another that’s a floral assault on the senses, and others that are great places to find unique and interesting souvenirs. Naturally, the prices at all of these markets are very good, with the added option of bargaining them down further.

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