Nightlife in Jeju offers a wide range of pubs, clubs, cocktail lounges, craft brewing and after-dinner eats and entertainment so that no matter your preference you'll find late-night fun. Just behind the airport, Nilmori Dong Dong bar offers arts and crafts exhibitions with good cocktails and food. For craft beer, wine and sou, head for Bistro the Barn with its soulful vinyl music in the city centre. For a refined and artsy experience, head for the Panda Coffee Shop near Jeju City Hall. 

If the arts, music and bohemian hipster scene is what you're about, head for Factory. This local haunt is named for Andy Warhol's studio and offers a dark, moody setting with a powerful Jeju ex-pat contingent. At many of the hotels, you can find casinos to game the night away. For a flashy dance club, head for the Jeju Aroma Superdome Nightclub.

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