Splashtown San Antonio is a 20-acre waterpark about 10 minutes’ drive northeast of Downtown. The waterpark is one of the best things to do for families in San Antonio and its seasonal openings place it among the top summer destinations in the area. It offers an escape from the Texan heat with over 50 rides and attractions.

Also complementing the waterpark are various facilities such as lockers, a selection of private cabanas for rent, souvenir shops as well as restaurants and concessions to help you replenish during your fun, splashing day out. The pools and water complexes are fully supervised by trained lifeguards for you and your family’s peace of mind.

Splashtown San Antonio - one of the highlights of 10 Things to Do with Kids in San Antonio (Read all about San Antonio here)

What are the highlights of Splashtown San Antonio?

The rides at Splashtown San Antonio come in different thrill levels. Those looking for an adrenaline rush are easily pleased by Splashtown’s 6 main extreme slides, be it tunnelling through complex swirls, or luging down close-to-vertical slides at hair-raising speeds. Start with the tallest – Lone Star Luge. You can ride on single, double, or even triple tubes.

Next is the all-favourite Starflight, which is a fully enclosed single or double tube slide where you’ll ride through black tubes that’ll have you zooming and screaming in complete darkness all the way down until you see the light of day again at the end – of course, with a huge splash.

With sudden twists and bends at high speeds, the Serpentines offers an open-top single tube ride with 3 different slides to choose from. Though all end at the same parallel spot, each of the 3 slides offers a slightly different experience with their own high-banking corners. That’s a good excuse to go up 2 more times after your first run.

Some of the slides have you riding on mats instead of tubes. One such is the aptly named Headrush, near the front of the waterpark. It’s a good place to race your friends or engage in some fun sibling rivalry. As its name suggests, you launch head-first through high banking turns from a height equivalent to 4 storeys, then make your way down by twisting and turning as fast as you can to reach the bottom first.

Finally, there are options for those who simply want to chill. Those who like to take it slow can float their worries away along the quarter-mile-long Siesta Del Rio lazy river. There’s also the mini beach at the Wave Pool. This 500,000-gallon pool is where you can pull up a raft or tube and relax on the artificial waves.

The Wave Pool has a gradual entry with a depth of up to 6 ft. It also serves as the stage for Splashtown’s highlight summer events, such as the Dive-In Movies & Summer Concerts, as well as the Wavepool Wednesday when local DJs add cool beats to your frolicking in the waves.

The little ones can have their fair share of summer splashing fun at Splash Island. This kiddie slide complex has 8 friendly slides and features tipping buckets as well as twirling, dancing water fountains. They’ll surely cheer each time the 500-gallon tidal wave comes.

Good to know about Splashtown San Antonio

Save the crazy near-vertical speed slides for the daredevils in the family. These include the Hydra Plunge – the tallest body slide on Splashtown’s body slide tower, which you start from about 7 storeys high. You zoom down feet-first in a supine position at speeds of up to 40 mph. Want a thrill to share? The Purple Hydra is an extreme body slide with what looks like a double helix with plenty of twists.

Splashtown San Antonio is right off the I-35 in North San Antonio, near the AT&T Center multi-purpose indoor arena. It may not be the biggest waterpark in the area, but its slide towers will easily catch your eyes as you cruise down the freeway. The waterpark has some water complexes featuring decently tall slides as well as twisting tubes and double-drop body slides that’ll guarantee some thrills.

Splashtown San Antonio

Location: 3600 IH 35 N, San Antonio, TX 78219, USA

Open: Hours vary by season

Phone: +1 210-227-1400

Ari Gunadi | Compulsive Traveller