A wide variety of food and dining opportunities can be found in Pohang, from traditional Korean food to international cuisine, so no matter what your taste, you’ll find it here. The Pohang Jukdo Market is the spot to go for traditional and takeaway Korean food, including iconic local dishes like Mulhoe, a cold dish of raw fish in broth served with seasonal catches, and the abalone rice porridge known as jeonbok juk.

    In winter, market vendors serve up the local speciality, gwamegi, a dish of partially dried herring. Korean barbecue is easy to find here, with some of the more popular restaurants serving it, including Goguryeo and Hyongsang Garden. For brunch and coffee, the Nam-gu area offers western and western fusion cuisines at Hyggelig or Homestead in Yangdeok. Vegetarians will find western food at Bistro-S.

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