Food and dining in Gyeongju showcase a foodie destination packed with unique dishes and flavours, highlighted by mouthwatering South Asian influences. The city is famous for its minmul maeuntang, or freshwater fish stew. That's just one of the many dishes that offer a diverse range of tastes to suit almost any traveller. Start your trip by heading for the 50-year-old Hangover Soup Street in the Palujeong Pavilion. Hangover soup is made with meat and bean sprouts, with vegetarian options using buckwheat jelly. Other variants include seafood broth and sour kimchi.

On Ssambap Street near the Daereungwon Tomb Complex, you'll find tons of spots specialising in rice and leaf wraps with speciality soybean sauce. On Hwasan Bulgogi Street, you'll find Korean beef along with one of Korea's biggest cattle markets.

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