Food and dining in Sendai includes culinary adventures and famed dishes like beef tongue and sushi along with outstanding local hangouts, hidden dining gems and very few crowds. Sendai doesn't have a particular culinary speciality; rather, the scene here is one of 'everything goes'. You can head to Rikyu for their famed beef tongue called gyutan. At the Sendai Morning Market, you'll find fresh produce and prepared foods as well as stalls with deep-fried foods. At Kokorozukushi Inase, you can enjoy high-end sushi at good prices.

Craftsman Sendai is the heart of the local craft beer scene. Symphony Restaurant in the Westin Sendai is a rooftop terrace eatery with French-style cuisine. Datenari has Sendai-gyu beef, which is famed as being better than Kobe or wagyu. For something more Western, head to the Dumbo Pizza Factory.

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