Food and dining in Hiroshima highlights a culinary tradition that's unlike anywhere else, with plenty of famous local delicacies and outstanding restaurants ranging from street food to 5-star dining. Okonomiyaki is a famous dish across Japan, but in Hiroshima, you'll experience a unique take that's layered with cheese, noodles and pork. Head for Okonomimura near Peace Memorial Park to try it. Momiji manju is a bean paste-filled cake shaped like a maple leaf that can be found in just about every souvenir shop, but at Miyajima, you'll try it deep-fried.

Onomichi ramen is a speciality style of noodle in dark broth made with Tomonoura port-sourced fish and soy sauce. Check it out at Syukaen restaurant. Saltwater eel is a beloved meal around here that's less fatty than the type of eel you get elsewhere and has a delicate flavour. Head for Anagomeshi Ueno in Miyajima for some of the best.

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