Nightlife in Okinawa has changed over time but has always been vibrant in this thriving trade hub with teahouses, pubs and live entertainment. At local Izakaya establishments, you'll find businesspeople sitting on tatami mats enjoying all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink specials. The region also has plenty of local drinks to enjoy from Orion beer to awamori rice wine. A unique hot spot here is The Dojo Bar, owned by a British ex-pat and popular with martial artists. At Parker's Mood Jazz Club, you'll find a classic, refined setting with fine wine and music.

Just north of Naha, you'll find Chatan, which is an entertainment hub right along the beach. You can visit the Okinawa Brewing Company for an outstanding craft beer selection. At Nashville Restaurant and Rodeo, you can even ride a mechanical bull. For a more refined setting, the hotel resort complexes all over the island offer elegant craft cocktail bars, and many have rooftop terrace views.

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