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City guide to Toronto – art, families and festivals

Toronto is one of North America’s largest cities, and one of the country’s most vibrant.  It is a cosmopolitan city that has been influenced by the recent influx of youthful immigrants.  It holds world class museums, a top-notch university and is unrivalled in creativity, from its fashion designers to its artists.  The city is best explored on foot so that visitors can make the most of the innovative architecture and the city’s lively community. 

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Gay Toronto Travel Guide

Church-Wellesley Village is Toronto’s iconic gay neighborhood. Sitting on the north part of Church Street in Downtown Toronto, “The Village” plays host to over a dozen gay bars, gay restaurants, and a widening expanse of LGBT-heavy residential blocks. Many of its local establishments acted as backdrop to popular 90s American TV show “Queer as Folk”. Among other venues, the area features the world’s oldest gay bookstore (Glad Day Bookshop), an independent gay theatre (Buddies in Bad Times), gay saunas, coffee shops, and a community centre (The 519).

City guide to Niagara – waterfalls, wineries and world-class theatre

Visitors flock to Niagara for the falls, but soon discover a wide spectrum of interesting things to do. Spend the morning cycling, the afternoon exploring historic homes, and the evening gambling or people-watching at the casino. Niagara Falls is the undisputed family favorite, with a bevy of kid-pleasing attractions, while the stately historic homes of Niagara-on-the-Lake offer more laid-back sightseeing. From thunderous falls to award-winning wineries, Niagara’s variety of attractions makes for one-of-a-kind visits.

Top 10 waterfront cities in the world

Choose daytime strolls along glistening harbourfronts or dining on night-time illuminated quaysides. Book your hotel in a scenic, water’s-edge city with this guide to the top 10 waterfront cities in the world.

A Toronto travel guide – a stunning cityscape, lake vistas and live hockey

Take a Toronto vacation for dazzling skyscrapers and picturesque lake views. Book your Toronto hotel and experience the thrill of a live hockey game or take in an orchestral performance in Canada’s largest metropolis.

Where to stay in Toronto – a neighborhood guide

Toronto’s neighborhoods are nearly as diverse as its peoples.  From the sleek and swanky Yorkville area to the hotpot of cultures in the diverse Chinatown district, or the trendy, often budget options within the city center: Toronto will far from disappoint.  With an efficient public transport system and grid-like layout, staying anywhere in the city puts you within easy access of every single attraction. 

Where to shop in Toronto – a guide to the city’s best shopping areas

In recent years Toronto has grown into a principal shopping destination in North America.  Its many neighborhoods offer a variety of different styles that cater to every type of budget.  The mix of cultures makes for interesting one-of-a-kind pieces influenced by worldwide nationalities, while home-grown favorites are always around too.

Where to eat in Toronto – a food and dining guide

Toronto is a culturally diverse city, with a population influenced by the many settlers from countries near and far.  Differing areas crop up around town, like Little Italy, the various Chinatowns and Little India.  Other cuisines are found here too, including Caribbean, Hungarian and Portuguese.  Whatever tickles your taste buds, you’ll find it in Toronto!

What to see and do in Toronto – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

Spread across the city, Toronto’s attractions are found on every corner.  No matter what time of year it is, or where in the city you are staying, there is something to please even the pickiest of visitors in this cosmopolitan playground.  From the likes of its world famous buildings to its smaller island-based zoo, its underground entertainment complex or generally vibrant community, a break in Toronto will leave you addicted to the city.

Where to stay in Niagara – a guide to the regions accommodation options

There’s more to Niagara accommodations than cheesy honeymoon suites, though you certainly can find those, too. Niagara Falls has as many luxury hotels as economical, family-friendly options. In Niagara-on-the-Lake and throughout the surrounding area, numerous historic homes now serve as bed and breakfasts or inns. After a winery tour and a good dinner, you can even stay right at a vineyard. Increasingly, the local wineries are offering overnight accommodations with rustic décor and unbeatable views.

Where to shop in Niagara – where to find the best boutiques and shops

From antiquing haunts to chic boutiques, Niagara offers a variety of shops on par with a major city. For souvenirs, there’s everything from emblazoned t-shirts and caps to handmade jams and fudges. Bargain-hunters flock to the outlet shops around Niagara Falls. In Clifton Hill, massive stores offer kid-pleasing novelty items and all things chocolaty. 

Where to eat in Niagara – a food and dining guide

Niagara’s culinary scene has twin personalities: decades of international tourism have inspired variety, while the surrounding winegrowing culture puts the focus on local flavors and ingredients. In Niagara-on-the-Lake, you can dine in cosy, historically preserved tearooms. For local dishes and gourmet multi-course meals, head to one of the many wineries that boast their own restaurants. In Niagara Falls, you’ll find the full cross-section of flavours and styles, from colourful kid-friendly eateries to romantic, candlelit tables.

What to see and do in Niagara – an overview of notable attractions and landmarks

Niagara lets visitors strike their own balance between high-octane sightseeing and laid-back leisure. In Niagara Falls, the year-round rush of visitors has inspired a bevy of entertainment options in addition to the falls, themselves, from museums to amusement parks. In Niagara-on-the-Lake, the must-see spots are comparatively low-key and largely nestled within a few scenic blocks.

A Niagara Falls travel guide – spectacular tumbling water, alfresco dining and peaceful strolls

See the Falls up close, taste regional wines and immerse yourself in history on a Niagara Falls vacation in Niagara. Book a Niagara Falls hotel in Niagara and take home lasting memories.

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