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Historic Hotels, Ocean-view Apartments, Beach-front Campgrounds - Staying in and Around Lorne

The Lorne region’s wide variety of accommodation makes it easy to find a place to stay that really suits your needs. Whether you’re after a rural-chic cabin in the bush, a luxury apartment with ocean views, or a family-friendly holiday house near the beach, Lorne has what you’re looking for.

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Finding the Right Place to Stay in and Around Wollongong

Wollongong's variety of accommodation options makes finding the right place to stay easy. Whether you’re after a hotel with an ocean view and all the comforts, a cozy room in a guesthouse, an apartment for a longer stay, or a cabin surrounded by gardens, the region offers it all.

City, Beach, or Countryside - Finding the Right Place to Stay in Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie's array of accommodation makes finding the right place to stay a breeze. Whether you’re looking for a cozy cabin, a resort where you can retreat from the world beside a pool, or a roomy apartment for the family, the region offers it all.

From Camping Grounds to 5-Stars - Finding the Right Place to Stay in Byron Bay

The wide range of options in and around Byron Bay makes it easy to find the right accommodation for your needs. Whether you’re a backpacker looking to party, you’re after a beachside apartment for the family, or you’d like to rejuvenate at a secluded spa, the region offers it all.

From Camping Grounds to Secluded Resorts - Finding the Right Place to Stay in Coffs Harbour

The wide range of options in and around Coffs Harbour makes finding the right accommodation simple. Whether you’re looking for a bed in a backpacker hostel, an apartment for the family, or a secluded retreat with all the luxuries, the region offers it all.

Fun on the Sand, Scenic Splendor, and Exciting Events - What to See and Do in Lorne

Lorne has been a beloved beach vacation spot for over century, and you’ll find everything you’d expect in the way of seaside holiday fun. The wilderness of Great Otway National Park and the rugged coastline mean you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to escape the crowds and appreciate the natural beauty in peace.

Beach Town Charm and Breathtaking Natural Beauty - A Guide to Lorne

With its broad golden beach, fresh sea air, and laid-back feel, Lorne has been a magnet for vacationers for over a century. Its population of fewer than 2,000 swells to many times more during vacation season. A calendar full of cultural and sporting events, easy access to the natural wonders of the Great Ocean Road, and a mouthwatering selection of cafés and restaurants make Lorne a consummate coastal getaway.

What to See and Do in Wollongong - Miles of Beaches, Mountain Views, and Verdant Forests

With miles of ocean beaches, pristine forests, and a rugged mountain backdrop, Wollongong offers everything you could ask of an outdoor vacation. Whether you want to ride the waves, explore rain forests, or sit on the sand and watch the breakers roll in, you won’t need to travel far to find it.

A Guide to Wollongong - An Outdoor Vacation Between the Mountains and Ocean

Mention Wollongong, and what springs to mind for many is the heavy industry based around the Port Kembla steelworks. Yet this laid-back multicultural city is also a thriving commercial and academic centre. With miles of unspoiled beaches, a pristine rain forest backdrop, and dazzling coastal views from the mountains, Wollongong is a great outdoor vacation destination as well.

Water and Wildlife, Heritage and Culture - What to See and Do in Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie is a classic beach-holiday destination - but it’s not only about sun, sand, and surf. There’s a wealth of wildlife waiting for you, from dingoes to dolphins, wombats to whales, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure. You can discover the region’s rich and eventful history, as well as its cultural present - and all with a backdrop of pristine natural beauty.

Superb Scenery, Beautiful Beaches, Wonderful Wines - A Guide to Port Macquarie

Known as having one of the friendliest climates in Australia, Port Macquarie is a classic family destination. Its beaches delight surfers as well as families, and the rugged coastline offers unforgettable scenery. In Port Macquarie you can immerse yourself in pristine rain forest, encounter koalas, dolphins, and more, and at the end of the day reflect on it all over a glass of wine from a renowned local vineyard.

From Surfboards to Incense - Shopping in Byron Bay

As well as natural beauty, great restaurants, and lots to do, Byron Bay offers a shopping experience like no other. The area is home to a flourishing arts and crafts scene, a thriving holistic well-being community, and lots of organic food producers. You’ll find a dazzling array of locally made jewelry, clothes, and homewares, as well as plenty to tempt your palate.

What to See and Do in Byron Bay - Between the Ocean Floor and the Mountain Top

Byron Bay’s beaches are certainly its main attraction. Longboard surfers first discovered the destination in the 1960s, attracted by good waves, unspoiled natural beauty, and a relaxed feel. If you do get tired of fine white sand and clean, cool surf, there’s plenty more to keep you occupied. You can walk, cycle, dive, and paddle to Byron Bay’s highlights, and afterwards simply kick back and soak up the chilled vibe.

Byron Bay City Guide - More than Sun, Sand, and Surf

Think of Byron Bay and you probably picture waves rolling onto the fine sand of seemingly endless beaches. What distinguishes Australia’s eastern-most tip from the many other scenic coastal spots is the town’s unique laid-back vibe. Byron Bay offers you a singular cocktail of natural beauty mixed with beach culture, New Age philosophies, and hedonistic indulgence.

A Guide to Coffs Harbour Shopping - From the Main Street to Country Markets

Whether you’re looking for boutiques on the waterfront, or authentic handicrafts in a rural village, bustling main street shops, or big names under the one roof, you’ll find more than enough to tempt you in and around Coffs Harbour. There’s also an array of vibrant and colourful markets, selling everything from freshly harvested fruit and vegetables, to designer clothing, and handmade jewelry.

What to See and Do In and Around Coffs Harbour

The untainted beaches and protected waters of the Coffs Coast, the area around Coffs Harbour, make it the perfect destination for swimming, diving, boating, or surfing. And when you’ve had enough of fine, white sand and crystal-clear water, you can head inland and delight in the beauty of national parks, nature reserves, and vibrant, picturesque towns.

Coffs Harbour City Guide - A Gem Between the Mountains and the Ocean

A comfortable subtropical climate, tranquil, unspoiled rain forests, and clean, uncrowded beaches have made Coffs Harbour one of the classic holiday destinations on Australia’s east coast. Families have been spending their vacations here for generations. Today, an array of activities from scuba diving to whale watching, a generous choice of cafés and restaurants, and easy access to the surrounding national parks, make Coffs Harbour an ideal getaway.

Byron Bay Nightlife and Entertainment - Lively Bars, Music, and Movies

One great way to spend an evening in Byron Bay is on the beach, listening to the waves roll in and watching the lighthouse cast its beam over the ocean. But if you’d like something more sociable, whether it’s a beer in a lively pub or signature cocktails in a cool bar, pulsating dance beats or a rocking live band, Byron Bay makes for a great night out.

Fun for the Whole Family - Your Vacation with the Kids in Byron Bay

With beautiful, safe beaches, lots to do and see, and a kid-friendly atmosphere, Byron Bay is a paradise for families. You can paddle a kayak and get up close to dolphins, learn to surf or ride a skateboard, try your hand at circus stunts, or simply have fun on the sand. And when you’re hungry, there are lots of restaurants that cater specially to families.

Fertile Ground - A Guide to Arts and Culture in and Around Byron Bay

Byron Bay has long been a magnet for a diverse spectrum of creative cultures. The “Rainbow Region” was the birthplace of Australia’s hippy movement, and artists have been attracted to the area by its inspiring natural beauty and relaxed vibe. There are festivals scattered throughout the year, and artists’ studios and galleries dotted around the area.

Pubs, Bars, Music, and More - The Night Owl's Guide to Coffs Harbour

A stroll along the beach listening to the waves roll in and watching the moon sparkle on the water is a perfect way to wind up a day. If you’re looking for a bit more action, Coffs Harbour has a lively pub scene offering a variety of entertainment, as well as theatre and cinemas.

Fun With the Kids - Outings and Activities in Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is a classic family destination, and there’s plenty here to guarantee a memorable vacation for all of you. The town has a child-friendly feel, the beaches are clean and safe, and the Big Banana has been thrilling kids for generations. You can meet dolphins, learn to surf, and when you’re hungry, there are lots of restaurants that cater specially to families.

Arts and Culture In Coffs Harbour - a Guide to the Creative Community

The Coffs Coast region is home to a thriving cultural scene. You'll find independent artists' galleries dotted throughout the area, and a range of festivals happening through the year. The City Hall has devised 3 culture trails, which are a great way of discovering what the region has to offer. Ask at the Tourist Office.

Eating Out in Byron Bay - From Funky Cafés to Oceanfront Haute Cuisine

Byron Bay’s singular mélange of laid-back beach vibe, colourful individuality, and chic urban influence is reflected in its food. With an array of farms and orchards in the fertile surrounding countryside, and fresh fish on the doorstep, most restaurants and cafés emphasize locally sourced, seasonal produce. The impressive range of dining options means travellers, from backpackers to the well-heeled, will find eats to suit both wallet and palate.

Global Flavors, Fresh Fish, and Dazzling Views - A Guide to Dining in Wollongong

Wollongong’s dining culture has developed a first-class reputation in recent years, and it’s become a favorite day-trip destination for Sydney foodies. The city's cultural diversity is reflected in its cuisine. Fish and seafood arrive in the harbor every day, and there are fresh farm ingredients from the fertile hinterlands. Add breathtaking mountain and ocean views, and you've got the recipe for some memorable meals.

Fresh Fish, Fine Wines, and Water Views - Where to Eat in Port Macquarie

Take seafood drawn daily from the ocean, add the freshest produce from the fertile hinterland, wash it down with wines from local vineyards, and you have the ingredients for memorable meals. Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic waterfront dinner, a barista-made java jolt, or a relaxed meal with the kids, you’ll find it on Port Macquarie’s menus.

The Freshest Ingredients From Land and Sea - A Guide to Dining in Coffs Harbour

With fresh seafood unloaded from trawlers every morning, nutritious fruit and vegetables from the fertile surrounding countryside, and livestock raised on lush pastures, the finest ingredients are right on Coffs Harbour’s doorstep. In the cafés and restaurants of the Coffs Coast, you’ll find these raw materials transformed into delicious, healthy cuisine. The rich variety means dining choices for every palate and every wallet.

Travel Tips - Getting the Most Out of Your Lorne Vacation

Often tagged "Victoria's Mediterranean," Lorne gazes out over Louttit Bay, on the Great Ocean Road that winds its way along the rugged southern coast. You’ll find white unspoiled beaches, pristine natural beauty in the Great Otway National Park, and a lively cultural scene that attracts visitors to major events every year.

Useful Tips - Getting the Most Out of Your Stay in Wollongong

Located only an hour’s drive from Sydney on the narrow strip of coast between the mountains of the Illawarra Escarpment and the Pacific Ocean, Wollongong offers everything you need for an outdoor vacation. Miles of pristine, uncrowded beaches, unspoiled bushland, lots of adventure opportunities, and a thriving restaurant scene make this vibrant multicultural city a great getaway.

How, When, and Where - Getting the Most Out of Your Port Macquarie Vacation

Port Macquarie has long been one of Australia’s favorite vacation destinations. Miles of pristine ocean beaches, spectacular scenery, and plenty of attractions geared to travellers of all ages mean you’ll find something here for all the family. Blessed with one of the most livable climates in Australia, the town is agreeably buzzing with locals and out-of-towners, no matter the season.

Useful Tips - Getting the Most From Your Byron Bay Vacation

Byron Bay is famous for surf, sand, and sun, and for its dazzling coastal scenery. What sets Australia’s easternmost tip apart from other beach towns however, is its particular laid-back vibe. Its heritage as a counterculture capital means you’ll be able to enjoy a vast selection of cafés and restaurants, a thriving cultural scene, an array of alternative philosophies, and bustling nightlife - as well as superb beaches.

Useful Tips - Getting the Most Out of Your Coffs Harbour Vacation

A comfortable subtropical climate, clean and uncrowded beaches, and untainted countryside have made the Coffs Harbour region a classic family vacation choice. Today, a thriving restaurant and pub scene, a host of activities from whale-watching to scuba diving, and easy access to the surrounding national parks, make Coffs Harbour a perfect getaway destination for all tastes.

Sydney Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

The laid-back feel and multicultural makeup of the city provides an interesting and enjoyable atmosphere for foreign travelers visiting Sydney. The weather is mild year-round with a warm summer experienced from December to February. Transport in Sydney is easy to navigate, with an abundance of buses, trains, taxis and ferries as well as hire car services.

48 hours in Sydney - see the beaches, the bays and the bridge in a weekend

The cosmopolitan Australian city stretches for miles along the shores of countless bays and inlets, but its neatly laid-out and compact center lends itself to a short visit. Here’s an itinerary which lays out the best way to see the main sights of Sydney in 48 hours.

Sydney Travel Guide - A Destination Overview of Things to do in Sydney, Australia

The cosmopolitan metropolis of Sydney is awash with modern architecture, a spectacular harbor and countless attractions. Sydney has become a world-class destination that offers visitors cultural diversity and modern flare.

A Sydney travel guide – endless beaches, fine dining and the sun-kissed harbour

Sydney city breaks mean catching waves at Bondi Beach, a show at the Opera House and tasting the global flavours of modern Australian cuisine. Book a Sydney hotel to experience the many sides to Australia’s most popular city.

Sydney Restaurants, Food and Dining Guide - Where to eat, and more

Sydney is truly a multicultural city that is seen through the immense selection of flavors and cuisines from around the world. The wide culinary selection is also complemented with some of the best restaurants in the country. Also making theSydney’s dining scene excel is the fantastic local produce, which is truly top grade and fresh.

Sydney Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable landmarks and attractions in Sydney, Australia

The scenic city of Sydney is blessed with some truly spectacular sights, magnificent landmarks and fascinating tourist attractions. Sydney’s visitors are spoiled for choice, with countless places to visit all within a short distance of the city and harbor area.

Sydney Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

The cosmopolitan city of Sydney has a wide array of attractions and activities for tourists to enjoy whilst on vacation. Whether it's nightlife activities, shopping, great food and drink, there are plenty of great spots to visit.

Sydney Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Visitors to Sydney will be more than impressed with the city's retail selection, which boasts an array of fashion boutiques, jewelry shops and large department stores. Inside the city, there are a number of areas that will entertain shopping aficionados for the whole day.

Top 10 outdoor things to do in Sydney

Coastal walks, surfing beaches and sailing on the harbour – book a Sydney hotel to follow the call of the wild in outdoor Sydney.

Autumn holidays in Sydney

The days are warm, sunny and ideal for outdoor activities on autumn holidays in Sydney. It’s a time of festivals and parades, so book a Sydney autumn hotel when the summer heat has mellowed.

Where to stay in Sydney – a travel guide to Sydney’s neighbourhoods

There are Sydney hotels in the city centre, in 24-hour party precincts and on quiet residential streets. This neighbourhood guide will help you choose where to stay in Sydney.

Short breaks in Sydney – harbour ferry rides, walks on the beach and cosmopolitan dining

Book a Sydney hotel to shop and dine by the harbour, take in a show or spend a relaxed day at the beach. Whatever your interests, this two-day itinerary will help you get the most out of a short break in Sydney.

Top 10 New Year destinations in the world

Celebrate New Year doing the Highland Fling in Edinburgh, watching fireworks over Sydney Harbour Bridge or dancing on the beach in Thailand. Get a little help deciding where to go with this guide to the top 10 New Year destinations in the world.

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