November is a month of beginnings and ends, depending on where you find yourself. In the northern hemisphere, the cool winds of autumn have taken hold, while in the southern hemisphere, springtime brings new life to many regions. Iconic celebrations can be found in many spots in the world, none more so than in Mexico, with several iconic occasions worth travelling for.

    For many, the cost of travel is reduced as children stick to their schoolwork and families get their head down before the end of year celebrations, making November a great month to travel for savvy savers.


    Mexico City, Mexico

    A month of cultural celebrations

    The elaborate parades and skeleton-inspired costumes seen during Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebrations can be a bewitching experience. For several days in early November, you’ll see bright altars or ofrenda piled high with marigolds and offerings to departed souls. Head to grand Zócalo square for boisterous celebrations or Casa Azul – the former home of Frida Kahlo – to see some fantastic art exhibitions.

    Towards the end of the month, expat communities come out of the woodwork to influence Mexico City’s thriving food scene with a hybrid version of the American Thanksgiving holiday. Where else can you find roast turkey spruced up with chipotle chilli peppers? Between Thanksgiving and the Day of the Dead, Mexico’s Revolution Day on November 20 is celebrated with lively parades, extravagant fireworks shows and wild parties. November is also low season for Mexico City, which typically means more affordable hotels and flights.

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    Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

    Get up close and personal with an immense geological landmark

    Seeing the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, is on many a bucket list, no matter which country you call home. Even so, it’s often difficult to find a suitable time to visit. November provides a prime opportunity as Arizona’s typically sweltering weather cools down a few notches. Not only will you avoid the summer heat, but you’ll also avoid the summer crowds – thousands of travelling families would often flock to look out over the canyon rim with their children during summer vacations.

    In November, hiking the Grand Canyon becomes an enjoyable and leisurely activity, rather than a sweat-soaked chore in the midst of crowds. If you’re lucky, you might even glimpse the canyon after a fresh snowfall – a particularly picturesque sight.

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    South Island, New Zealand

    Awe-inspiring nature, fiords and glaciers

    While the northern hemisphere begins to freeze over in November in preparation for winter, the southern hemisphere is just heating up – and New Zealand is no exception. At this time of year, the South Island is yet to hit peak tourist season, and the November weather is lovely for getting out of the cities and into the destination’s prime attraction: its great outdoors.

    Head to the stunning, glacial Lake Tekapo to see the aquamarine waters then head to Mount John Observatory to see the Milky Way in all its glory. Marvel at the wondrous panoramas of Fiordland National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and get your adrenaline pumping with the abundant outdoor activities in the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown.

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    Hong Kong

    Visit for the food and fair-weather fun

    Few places in Asia fuse colonial grandeur with cutting-edge modernism like Hong Kong. November is just the start of Hong Kong’s busy season, so travelling to the city during this month provides you with fun itineraries, along with a smaller price tag. Cooler temperatures make tackling the notoriously hilly terrain a lot easier too.

    After a stroll along Victoria Harbour, see the iconic cityscape from a totally different perspective as you ride the historic tram to the top of Victoria Peak. Kowloon Park is the city’s premier green space, with gardens, museums and more. Mealtimes in Hong Kong are always special as the city’s cosmopolitan nature means you can find some of the best Chinese cuisines alongside every regional speciality you can think of. Foodies will particularly enjoy travelling to Hong Kong in November as the city’s version of restaurant week takes place – the Hong Kong Great November Feast – which includes special menus at a variety of restaurants and regular culinary events.

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    Patagonia, Argentina

    Enjoy this wild, raw South American paradise all to yourself

    Patagonia in November provides many perks, including fewer crowds, more accommodation and tour options, and great weather. As most well-versed travellers know, Patagonia is all about the outdoor adventures. And, better yet, because of the lesser crowds, November gives visiting outdoorsmen and women an even better chance at seeing some of the destination’s wildlife. Expect to spot sea lions, arctic pigeons, baby penguins and many more on your trip to one of the most scenic hiking destinations in the world.

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    Holly Riddle | Contributing Writer

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