The best Las Vegas shows attract world-famous artists and world-class entertainment to the bright lights of the Strip. On any particular night you can discover sensational acts that range from the Blue Man Group’s thundering drumming to Mystère’s flying aerialists. Magician David Copperfield will leave you astonished, and the Michael Jackson ONE show might leave you moonwalking for days after the final note. Check out Carrot Top’s goofy prop work or Penn and Teller’s magic show for some laughs. And don’t miss your chance to see an adult show like Zombie Burlesque or Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity

    Whatever kind of magic you want to add to your Las Vegas vacation, our collection of live shows will help you find it. 

    What are the best live shows in Las Vegas?


    Mystère by Cirque du Soleil at Treasure Island Resort

    Show duration: 1 hr 30m

    Cirque du Soleil’s longest-running show, Mystère, bursts with exquisite costumes and sets. Watch this diverse cast of characters perform comedy and drama through elegantly choregraphed acrobatics and aerial stunts. Behind the spellbinding glitz is a dramatic story: The world of Mystère and its people (and animals) must fight against agents of chaos to defeat evil. Set to a dynamic score performed with giant handmade Japanese drums and classical guitars, this interactive show is sure to leave you wanting more Cirque.

    This grandiose magic show, set on a magnificent stage in the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, features David Copperfield, the Houdini-like magician who once walked through the Great Wall of China. Watch Copperfield shrink himself down to fit inside a small box, slice a woman in half, and make objects disappear. Copperfield’s stage presence is engaging and masterful, and his act includes sentimental stories about his father and his childhood.

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    Blue Man Group

    Show duration: 1 hr 30m

    After 30 years, these 3 bald, blue-skinned guys are still electrifying audiences with their percussion, comedy, and rock music. The blue men perform earth-shattering drum compositions accompanied by rhythmic strobe lights, vibrant confetti explosions, and elaborate sound effects. The Blue Man Group don’t speak during their show, instead relying on their expressive faces and prop work to create punchlines. The show pulses with energy as the group pokes subtle fun at technology and less subtle fun at guests who try to sneak in late.

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    Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino

    Show duration: 1 hr 30m

    Cirque’s burlesque show, Zumanity, explores human passions like desire, love, and anger through 16 acts of sensual and playful dance and acrobatics. Male and female dancers and contortionists perform intricate displays of courtship and seduction inside a giant glass water bowl, within a fight cage, and on a trapeze 20 metres above the stage. Provocative costumes including rhinestone-studded thongs, nude-coloured swim suits, fishnet tights, and red high heels bring fantasy scenes to life. Erotic lyrics invite the audience to get lost in the moment in the final act and to even take part in the climactic end.


    Laugh Til’ It Hurts: Carrot Top Live Show

    Show duration: 1 hr 30m

    Comedian Carrot Top’s sold-out shows have been rousing audiences at the Luxor Hotel since 2005. His fast-paced performance features precisely timed lighting, sound effects, fog machines, and music clips. Keep your ears open because the jokes come fast, furious, and funny. Carrot Top’s material includes celebrity impersonations and prop humour, with 35 trunks of random objects serving as his jumping off point for improvisational bits. His humour verges on raunchy as he makes fun of politicians, celebrities, and audience members.


    Thunder from Down Under

    Show duration: 1 hr 30m

    Thunder from Down Under is an entourage of muscular Australian male dancers performing racy, well-choreographed dance routines with breath-taking aerial stunts. Set to country and rock music, themed dances include intriguing pirate, firemen, and cowboy costumes. Then, with lightning speed, the thunderous dancers rip off their fanciful outfits to reveal neon thongs and other festive garments. Throughout the show, Aussie blokes call up audience participants to the Excalibur Hotel stage for very public and playful lap dances.


    Michael Jackson ONE

    Show duration: 1hr 30m

    You won’t see a Michael Jackson impersonator in this Cirque du Soleil tribute to the King of Pop, but you’ll feel his spirit when kinetic dancers perform his famous moonwalks, spins, and anti-gravity leans. Mashups of classic songs like ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Thriller’ as well as Cirque’s awesome acrobatics accompany 4 main characters on their Oz-like journey to Neverland Ranch. Despite the paparazzi-villains and tabloid-splashed walls, the quartet indulges in Jackson nostalgia along the way, acquiring MJ’s traits of agility, courage, playfulness, and love. In Mandalay Bay’s intimate theatre, you’ll feel a little closer to this international pop sensation.


    Zombie Burlesque at V Theater

    Show duration: 1 hr 15m

    In this blend of burlesque, post-apocalyptic thriller, and sketch comedy, zombies invite human guys and gals into their nightclub, Club Z, as a gesture of goodwill. What happens next is a playful variety show packed with undead jokes, sexy costumes, human-zombie flirtation, and maybe even love. Acts include a zombie-human game show, a contortionist-juggler zombie, some striptease, and dances to the likes of Billie Holliday, Bjork, and the Cranberries (‘Zombie,’ of course). The undead cast invites audience interaction in the front rows and might even pass out Jell-O shots.


    Boyz II Men

    Show duration: 1 hr 30 m

    One of the world’s favourite R&B groups of the ‘90s performs at the Mirage Hotel with smooth ballads like ‘I’ll Make Love to You,’ ‘Water Runs Dry,’ and funkier songs like ‘Motownphilly.’ The smooth voices of the Grammy Award-winning trio harmonize beautifully as they show off their individual and blended sounds with their wide repertoire of original songs and covers of classics like the Temptations’ ‘My Girl.’ To top off the sweet sentimentalism of their hits, they hand out coveted long-stemmed red roses to their fans.


    Penn & Teller

    Show duration: 1 hr 30m

    After decades of perfecting their craft together, Penn and Teller are a delightful, well-oiled duo who interweave magic and comedy seamlessly. Whether Teller is breathing fire so Penn can light his cigarette or they’re levitating an unsuspecting guest together, the physical, slapstick nature of their acts amuses and amazes audiences. Their show includes expertly scripted narratives that lead naturally from one illusion to the next hilarious bit. Old-school 3-piece suits, creative twists on cliché magic tricks, and Penn’s wry humour add to the distinctive feel of their show.

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