Granada is best known as the home of the awe-inspiring Alhambra, an imposing, red-hued palace and fortress complex, and one of the finest surviving examples of Moorish architecture on the planet. But there's much more to this sun-kissed Spanish city than legendary landmarks.

    Lose yourself in its maze-like cobbled streets and you'll stumble across chic boutiques selling local fashion and artisan homewares, and bustling bars where you can sink ice-cold beers and graze on tasty tapas. If you're hankering for a more substantial meal, there's an abundance of warmly welcoming restaurants serving succulent seafood paella and other irresistible local specialties.

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    • The 10 Best Restaurants for Local Cuisine in Granada

      Granada, the cultural epicentre in which a number of different civilisations have lived side-by-side, is well known for its gastronomic tradition. Its range of restaurants and bars is so extensive that you will find amazing spots in every corner of the city. Stroll among Granada's monuments while taking a tapas tour. You will be given a small local...

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    • Granada Travel Essentials

      Our Granada Travel Essentials lays out the essential information you need to help planning your trip to one of the most popular destinations in Spain. No matter how frequently you travel, some questions will always need answers: What’s the weather like? How can I get from the airport to my hotel? What currency and type of plug do I need...

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