5 Best Shopping Streets in Madrid

Madrid’s Most Popular Shopping Areas

The best shopping streets in Madrid showcase a great range of independent and brand-name shops selling an eclectic choice of goods. Designer clothes are the favourite for those heading to Madrid on a shopping spree, but you’ll also find gadgets, jewellery, and more, often at reasonable prices. Conveniently, Madrid’s most popular shopping streets are located within the city centre and in the nearby Salamanca District.

Discounted prices are available throughout the year in the Spanish capital city, but the best times to go shopping in Madrid are January - March (for the winter sales) and July – September (for – you guessed it – the summer sales). Other bargains can be found on specific days, such as the ‘Black Friday’ (last Friday in November).


Calle Gran Vía

Upscale shopping street in the centre of Madrid

Calle Gran Vía is a centrally located 1.3-km-long street. It’s nicknamed ‘the Spanish Broadway’. Also known as ‘the street that never sleeps’, Calle Gran Vía is lined with theatres, cinemas, restaurants, and shops. H&M, Zara and Lacoste are just a few of the world-class brands that have a boutique here. Larger department stores such as El Corte Inglés are also found on this upscale shopping street famed for the awe-inspiring architecture of some of its buildings.

Location: Between Plaza de España and Calle de Alcalá, 28013 Madrid, Spain

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photo by Diriye Amey (CC BY 2.0) cropped, calibrated, blurred


Calle de Preciados

A lively pedestrian-only street

Calle de Preciados is a pedestrian street located just south of Calle Gran Vía. Running for around 500 metres, it’s one of the most vibrant shopping streets in the centre of Madrid. Here, you’ll find a great range of products including video games, men’s and women’s fashion, and much more in small boutiques and large department stores like the FNAC and El Corte Inglés. The first segment of Calle de Preciados is packed with tapas bars and restaurants, offering cool places for a break during your shopping spree.

Location: Between Plaza Santo Domingo and Puerta del Sol, 28013 Madrid, Spain

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Calle de Serrano

Tax free shopping in a swanky street

Calle de Serrano is an almost 3-km-long street in the Salamanca district, just north of the city centre. Only the southern half is popular for shopping, hosting shopping malls, watch and jewellery stores, designer shops, and many international luxury franchises such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Calle de Serrano is a true ritzy shoppers’ haven, but also features a good choice of dining options, many of them inside shopping malls such as Serrano 43.

Location: Between Plaza de la Independencia and Plaza de la República Argentina, 28006 Madrid, Spain

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photo by Luis García (CC BY-SA 3.0) cropped, calibrated, blurred


Calle de Fuencarral

Modern and innovative shopping street in the heart of Madrid

Stretching northward for 1,500 metres between Calle Gran Via and the Monument to Quevedo circle, Calle Fuencarral is a quirky modern shopping street popular for its alternative fashion brands. Here, you’ll obviously find big names such as Diesel, Kipling and GI Joe, but also barely known but very talented fashion designers. Featuring tattoo and piercing parlours, as well as Asian boutiques, quaint cafés and restaurants, Calle Fuencarral has a pleasant Bohemian feel.

Location: Between Calle Gran Via and the Monument to Quevedo circle, 28004 Madrid, Spain

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photo by Luis García (CC BY-SA 3.0) cropped, calibrated, blurred


El Rastro on Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores

The most popular flea market in Madrid

El Rastro is the most popular flea market in Madrid. Held every Sunday on Plaza de Cascorro and on the streets that spread from it, this market offers you a real Madrid experience. You’ll find new and second-hand items from funky clothing to pets to stamps to electronic gadgets – virtually anything you can think of. It’s a great place to walk around on a Sunday morning before lunching at one of the many tapas bars and restaurants available in this lively district. It can get pretty crowded and pickpockets have been known to operate there, so keep your valuables safe.

Location: On Plaza de Cascorro and along Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Open: Sunday from 9am to 3pm

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photo by Alberto Salguero (CC BY-SA 3.0) cropped, calibrated, blurred

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