Sokcho is one of South Korea’s most northerly cities and has fascinating historical links with North Korea. The DMZ is just an hour to the north, which you can visit on arranged tours. You’ll get an insight into this heavily militarized no man's land, which is set incongruously in a tranquil and picturesque mountain landscape.

    There are plenty of leisurely activities in Sokcho, particularly in Seoraksan National Park. There are mountains ripe for hiking, where waterfalls tumble and Buddhist shrines occupy lofty positions. On Sokcho Beach, you can sample gimbap (Korean sushi rolls), made with the freshest catch.

    What to see & do in Sokcho

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    • 10 Best Places Locals Love to Go in Sokcho

      Sokcho is much loved by travel enthusiasts for its natural wonders such as Seoraksan Mountain, the East Sea, and luxurious hot springs. The shimmering deep blue waters of the East Sea in summer, colourful leaves on the slopes of Seoraksan in autumn, and snow-covered slopes and relaxing hot spring baths in winter – it's a welcoming destination in every season...

    Where & what to eat in Sokcho

    • 8 Best Places to Find Real Local Food in Sokcho

      Sokcho, as a port city, has many great seafood restaurants with enticing menu selections. Made with the freshest seafood from nearby ports and harbours, their cuisines are distinctive from inland offerings. In addition to seafood, there are many places where you can enjoy Gangwon-do's local foods such as tofu, Korean sausage (sundae), and sweet and sour chicken (dak-gangjeong...

    Where to shop & what to buy in Sokcho

    • 3 Best Places to Go Shopping in Sokcho

      Shopping in Sokcho includes selecting your favourite seafood. Reasonably priced raw and dried fish are readily available at Daepo Port, Dongmyeong Port, and Jangsa Port near the city. Sokcho's iconic traditional market, Sokcho Tourist Fish Market (formerly Jungang Market) offers a variety of local foods and fresh seafood.

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